Endgame Expertise Ideas

Every endgame content needs to reward umbral shards, it feels bad for casuals/solo players to earn expertise past 600 since being able to earn a lot of umbral shards is pretty much gated behind mutations only, you cannot do this because it will kill your other content like pvp and outdoor activities.

If I could recreate the expertise grind I would have made 1-600 much faster to obtain since its now the old grind and 600-625 take 1-1.5 months like how y’all wanted getting 590 on everything to take before the expertise bump. Umbral shard drops should start once you hit 600 average expertise. Next time y’all have another expertise bump please only do it on major patches similar to an expansion it just makes more sense.

Give us the freedom to choose what activity we want to do to increase expertise the same way y’all did gypsum except do not time gate when we can do it.

Even earning 1 umbral shard for doing spamable super easy content like gathering would be much better then having to wait for other people to log on for mutations, and of course the easier the content the fewer shards should drop, the harder the more shards.

Please change luck to only affect outdoor activities and never instanced, having to decide if I want better loot in a dungeon or wearing gear to improve my performance in expeditions feels so so wrong and bad.

PvP: OPR(increase based on score) + WPVP kills + PvP faction missions.

Outdoor: Elite chests + Stockpiles + Gathering(luck set increase umbral drop chance) + named/non named endgame monster kills(non named should need luck and become a rare drop)

PvE: Expeditions + Mutations (increase amount awarded based on difficulty) + PvE faction missions.

Crafting: 590-600 gs items.

Town board missions: endgame material turn ins.

If there is more endgame stuff i forgot, y’all can add that in.

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