"Endgame Updates" NEED to include Endgame PVP content

AGS have you noticed the ACTUAL endgame of your game being PvP oriented? Have you noticed that the big selling feature of your game was Faction wars, influence, territory ownership ?

Since the game has been released you have NOT make any meaningfull changes or tweaks for any of these CORE ENDGAME PVP activities

  1. War organization have not been given any type of QoL improvement since launch (no Rol or weapon asigments when players sign up for a war)
  2. Sometimes ingame UI dissapears when you try to remove someone from your army while organizing your army.

Inside War bugs: Just to mention a few

  1. Superspeed (people running like flash inside wars, even after you kill them)
  2. Perma root/slow: You get stucked into a 90% running speed redu.ction when certain abilities hit you and you die.
  3. People dying and never get the respawn menu, they cant rejoin the fight cuz they are stuck in the respawn screen.

WARS STILL LAG VERY HARD when more than 60 people clash into a small area.

You never tweaked any tools inside the war:

  • Siege damage/reach,
  • Map layouts (everfall is stupid hard to attack if the defending company knows what they are doing, compared to all the other territories).

Weapon switching feels worst than ever. Sooo unresponsive.

Weapon balance: No diminishing returns or similar type of CC effect reduction system makes Hammer MANDATORY, leaving little to no room for other melee weapons. The meta has been mostly the same since launch. Melee on heavy using GA and hammers, Void gauntlet needs to be tuned down a bit, its currently super strong. Fire staff is mostly garbage.

Influence and world pvp is dead in most servers:

  • Influence system was fun in the first few weeks of the game. In most servers, defending faction wont even move players to defend influence missions from other factions, its very much a time sink with no purpose. Why would you defende influence at 4 am (yes on my server 1 faction logs in at 4 am to fill the influence bar and declare war so its uncontested) when you can defend a 30 minute war?

You have said it yourself, using your ingame data. Defending faction have had 80% win ratio since game launch. You have NOT take any meassures to balance Attack/defence win ratio since you noticed this.

Gold income from WW, everfall and Brightwood is ridiculous, and YOU MADE THIS WORSE when you froze the HOUSE TAXING. That gold is being DUPPED because they set a 20% tax before the freeze. Some guilds are doing 1 million a week from 1 of these cities alone. On my server, 1 mega guild has control of all 3 territories. They brive/pay people with a weekly fee to play their wars. They have all their best players with Best in slot gear, and they have the resources to make a full set switch to all their players if they need to make a meta switch. This snowball effect is impossible to catch up now. No other guild/faction can contest against a defending guild that has so much resources and sits on a defending position that, as you said, have an 80% win ratio on defence.

TLDR: AGS you need to adress your ENDGAME PVP CONTENT in your patches. You are turning this game into a Gypsum, Umbral shard GS grind, when your actual selling point was Endgame PVP content.




  • Fixed an issue where a tree can fly into the sky after being chopped down.
  • Fixed an issue where a fence was not rendering for all players in Weaver’s Fen.
  • Fixed an issue with a small patch of invisible water present in Everfall, North of Orion, that can slow player movement or cause the player to drown.

Im happy for anyone that enjoys the pve portion of the game, personally for me its super boring. If i dont see any Endgame pvp content being balanced/tweaked in the next patch, im out of this game for good, since thats all i care about.


pretty sad that there’s no way of progressing as a pvp only player


Any time they increase expertise, there should be a new tier of faction gear.


They should add a way to upgrade de faction gear thru pvp OPr, War and open world. For exemple in Opr when you put some threshold to earn a shard you use to upgrade the faction armor up to 600. For exemple.

Every 5 kill
Every 5-10 knockdown (you need to track this and give more credit to this lol)
At every 200k damage
At every 200k healing done

And every time you up one level it level your expertise for that slot too.

Just have to fine tune how many shard per upgrade is needed. Considering running genesis or lazarus take around 30 min and you get multiple expertise upgrade i would say 2 or 3 per bump

At 625 you have a quest with pvp objective like killing x amount of people in open world to unluck a faction token you can buy to put the perk you want on your faction gear and make it legendary but unlike other legendary you only have 3 perk on your peice.

That would make pvper able to have a good armor by doing what they like.

Only like 1% of server population makes it into a war. I’d rather have AG put their energy into content that the community will actually notice.


Shut up and go back to frostfell *directed to exilus

Except that NON-PvP grinding IS actually what the so-called PvP community wants and does.

When the game launched, what did PvPers do? They just went to kill pigs and bears until they got max level, max weapon rank, then went to PvE zones to loot boxes until max gear.
Instead of levelling up doing PvP stuff like PvP missions.

PvP is complete rubbish in New World in every way and it’s the PvPers who made it this way.

The only good thing from AGS’s updates is making it so that PvPers can’t just buy RMT coin to buy their best in slot gear on the Trading Posts (probably sold by RMT as well). They actually have to do more than pay-to-win.

well they bumped the gear score cap. thats something you NEVER do in a pvp game. hence now finally we know what AGS wants this game to be. We PvPers can safely press uninstall and never look back.

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plenty of people ran the faction missions till they got 520 gear.

Problem was that gear was ok to use compared to crafted stuff and in pvp you can’t just keep 1 foot in casual and 1 foot in min/max. You usually have to find the best gear and collect as many as you can.

Other problem is, running missions isnt pvp content either. OPR and wars should have been giving 580-600 dropped gear and wars should have bee an instanced thing you fight in all week on a weekly ladder system.

game was mismanaged and it impact both pve and pvp content on a whole.

If they dont fix the PvP Stuff, a lot of Players will move on and this game will be death. What is so hard to bring in Ranked PvP? Battlegrounds? New OPR Maps ? 2vs2, 3vs3 and 5vs5 arenas? Why dont u implement PVP seasons with rewards and titles? It could be so easy to make a really good game but this content updates are completly…

whats funny is that freedom is still bugged since release

Some make more than 3 million a week now. AGS fed 1% of the players and made it impossible to fight back.

War need a serious rework like you stated above. Same as tax revenue.

I believe AGS owes us an apology for this horrendous overlook on tax. Even a full tax refund.

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a step ahead of you Solution to NW's newest Patch

nah, wars on our server are the same 100 people fighting in every one. There is not enough people being able to do that content for them to make changes to it. Keep adding things for the other 1400 people on my server please AGS>

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