Endless repetition

I was trying to vary the things there are to do in New World, but then developers come in and force everyone to do the same things over and over again every day.

A sentiment that sums up well what happened with the game.

DG = Boring repetition with different types of damage
MMO WITHOUT ARENA PVP = Developer Laziness
DG STATS = Non-existent (Developer laziness)
OUTPOST STATISTICS = It didn’t work for what developers to see that everyone is going for the same weapons, that healers do the most damage in the game, that there is a lot of imbalance and there are also no stats like damage received, damage blocked and others.
ROTATION = Is embarrassing see people entering at the same time every day to go after 30 players or more to killing what should be done with 5 to 10 players.
ELITE CHEST = Hard to find people who want to kill the elite bosses, because they just want get the chests (shame)
GAME UPDATES = Developers in 2022 are lazier than ever!

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Yes because the loot is way better from the chests than the elite bosses. Its a chest looter MMO

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If you watch the video of the developers playing the mutation DG, you can see that they don’t play any game, much less what they created, so they won’t release good stuff, just repeated and pointless stuff.

abandoned, looks like the team is working on lost ark

nothing changed

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