Endless rolling in PvP needs stopped! Also, nerf IG & GA

PvP has gotten soooo stupid now. Bad enough the over powered IG & GA, we now are seeing most players endlessly rolling/dodging across the map. Besides nerfing the IG & GA, you know what abilities I am referring to, the constant rolling in PvP needs to stop!

Seriously, PvP has really gotten so off track and stupid… just a few builds and abilities are ruining it…


Agreed. A normal 1v1 consists of two players rolling around each other each waiting for the other to stam out (never happens) and tossing out one poke every now and then.

It’s nearly impossible to land a combo on someone as if there is even a hint of damage coming their way they roll off to the moon after the first hit.
This is why ig and wh are so popular, they allow you to land combos, which is a satisfying experience.

Imo stam regen needs a full rework and damage needs to be toned down. This will have the effect of people using combo attacks again.


Agree. This is becoming quite funny.

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They need to redo the dodge mechanic completely. Just copy GW2. Start there.


I couldnt agree more. The endless running around is terrible, even if you get some CC off they spam potions and dodge more.

I personally think that stamina needs to be reworked as mentioned above in another post. The ability to regen it is insane right now. Im sure someone will come in and say that dodging is skill and we are all trash but the way it is now its simply not fun to play against in any way. The I frames need work as well imo.

Also would want to see stamina block and stamina dodge being seperate. At least give shields a different pool of stamina or resource.


OPR = light armor roll + CC spam fest


Yet 80% of my deaths are from muskets. 19% from GA. 1% everything else.


Either they need to fix the light armor endless dodge rolling or remove the damage bonus to light armor in instanced PvP.


Agreed, in the original combat system, stamina was a resource that required the player to spend it wisely on either sprinting, blocking, or dodging. Each action had advantages and disadvantages and choosing the appropriate action came down to combat awareness, knowledge and skill. It wasn’t possible to dodge, then sprint and regenerate stamina back then. The stamina cost for sprinting was removed because people complained about it while traveling in the open world, but it’s removal impacted combat tremendously. After it was removed, people were much more careless with dodge and started using it to travel faster which carried over to PvP.

Perhaps, either through combat states or game modes – they could re-implement the sprinting cost so that players aren’t able to both sprint and dodge endlessly by regenerating stamina while sprinting in combat or in the various game modes, but still sprint for free in the open world. Imo, they also need to remove shirking energy, since this essentially has the same effect on combat. It essentially lowers the cost of dodging successfully for light armor users – who really don’t need it anyway, since the distance they gain from their dodge and the massive amount of time it buys them while sprinting away allows them to regen stamina fast enough to always have a dodge available. Shirking energy would make more sense for heavies, since they usually don’t use dodge to disengage and, since blocking consumes stamina and interrupts your stamina regen, don’t have the same stamina regen opportunity while in combat – unless they choose to run away or not block. What light armor needs is shirking fortification, imo – not that anyone can hit them, but aren’t they the ones complaining about being squishy?


Endless dodging has rendered the hatchet useless for chasing down your opponent.



I dont like certain weapons/playstyles, especially the ones that counter my favored weapon/playstyle. Please nerf those. Also, my favored weapon/armor is trash. Please buff.


Alternate translation for your consideration:

Endlessly somersaulting escape and evade mechanisms are only fun for the people using them, let’s look at some options.

Just a thought.


I dont get it at all. None of these complaints actually affect the outcome of the objectives.

Stop fighting on roads. Stop chasing people when they run away from objectives. Focus on holding and capturing points like is intended this stops being an issue.

Open world is a different matter and balancing 1v1 there is just bad for all areas of the game. Waan chase someone down? Put on lighter armor.

  1. Add diminishing returns on CC spam. Give a player 3 seconds immunity when recovering from CC.

  2. Restore blocking to be effective, at least for shield blocking in tank builds. Add 50% stamina damage reduction to Defensive Formation. The 150 STR perk broke blocking and made it ineffective.

  3. Restore Petrifying Scream to something useful as a CC effect. It was minimally effective as it was, but with a 1 second root, that is not enough to allow a user to escape, nor is it enough to allow a user to follow up, because by the time the animation is finished, the CC itself is dissipated, so the skill does effectively nothing.

  4. Give Hatchet and Void Blade some means of gap closing. They have neither gap closing nor escape mechanisms. This makes them ineffective for PVP.

  5. Give Void Blade Grit as a passive perk.

  6. Great Axe needs a hard look. It has the best CC, the best gap closing, the best DPS, the best Grit, the best perma haste, the best sustain through self heals. The perma haste, perma Grit, and self heals are all generated passively. No other weapon can even come close.

  7. Make weapons that scale off of one stat have a minimum requirement of 100 in that stat to be able to wield it. That still allows players to diversify their weapon builds, but requires some investment to derive the benefits of those weapons.

  8. Award points for healing the same as points for DPS in OPR. Award points for blocked damage the same as DPS in OPR. Healers and tanks get screwed in ranking as it stands.

  9. When OPR teams are formed, the system should assign players and groups to teams in such a way that the Expertise average is as close to even as possible in OPR, and the team with lower expertise should begin with a 5 point advantage for each point of difference between the teams.

  10. Give Focus players another weapon option besides Life Staff and Void Gauntlet. Something with some Area of Effect and evasion skills. Right now, their choices are severely limited, unlike STR, DEX, or INT users, who have an arsenal to choose from.


They need another pure focus weapon.

But it should not be evasion based or even cc based. Something that focuses on single target hots and aoe direct heals kinga invert life staff.

Then other abilities focus on providing grit, fortification, leeching to party members. Maybe aoe party run speed buff for 15s.

Note i said party not friendly.

A broken part of healing imo is how aoe heals are friendly and not target capped.

Both of these weapons have been nerfed in the past, and it didn’t work out. GA / IG is fine where it’s at.

Light armor only succeeds in 1v1 & small scale PvP. You won’t win wars with a bunch of light armor players.

This guy understands the mechanics of the game. If someone is running away they aren’t chasing you… I see so many bruisers / builds for group content chasing a dex player in light armor. If people know their builds strengths and weaknesses, it wouldn’t be an issue.

If stamina regen was reworked and slower, New Worlds combat system would feel slow and sluggish. PvP with fast moving combat feels smoother, and more fun to play imo. If damage was toned down, fights would like last forever and no one would feel powerful.

If musket seems to be your weakness, I highly recommend stacking cut pristine emeralds into your gear. This will reduce the damage muskets do to you by 25% (32.5% if you have onyx’s in your jewelry).

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Ya, I’m glad desync issues got better last patch, but PvP is still kinda unfun with all the light armor rollers, the IG/GA combo that is clearly beyond OP, no diminishing returns on CC, and the fact that having some type of gap closer seems necessary in this game. Hopefully they resolve some of these issues in the next major patch, but I won’t hold my breath.

Imagine how fun PvP would be if light armor didn’t exist. One can only dream.


Focus users don’t need more ways to do the same thing they can do with Life Staff. They need a weapon that offers more versatility and utility that neither Life Staff nor Void Gauntlet gives them.

I can see something that does AoE buffs, AoE debuffs, AoE HOT’s, and AoE DOT’s being very useful though.

A buff debuff weapon, that can give party bossts to speed, or fortification, or heal over time, or stamina regeneration, and/or causing AoE slow, AoE Rend, AoE Disease, that kind of thing.

But, they do need some kind of escape mechanisms. Right now they use Rapier, but that is not a Focus weapon.

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The healers i know want more healing utility and self survival cooldowns.

Mace could be a cross of gh/ls.

Conal stun cc.
Melee attacks heal party for % of health.
Equipable with shield for survivability maybe tank hybrid with taunt.
On demand group absorb in atea like sacred ground.
Ae slow like anti haste…increasing ability cooldowns for enemies and draining stamina.
Maybe a stamina dot that lasts 15s draining 5% stamina per second.


Imo GA and IG are almost fine on their own.

Just tie the skills to attribute-points.
Something like 100 or 150 points min to use skills.

Healers with rapier just for reposte and GA with IG just for the CC is stupid.

The ranges of the weapons also need some work.
Blunderbuss has no range, dex near infinite, only the “magic weapons” are making sense in that regard.