Endless rolling in PvP needs stopped! Also, nerf IG & GA

When all actions (skills, dodges, blocks, sprint) used to cost stamina combat felt sooo much better. It was much more strategic and you really had to manage your stamina. The current system is much worse than what they had way back.

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lol, its the only way to escape the chain CC zerg fest and braindead piling melees. if the dodge gets nerfed i also want the stupid long slow after a melee hit nerfed.


Heres yet another thought…

I dont like the melee playstyle. Its only fun for those who play it. It is EXTREMELY dull, boring, and slow.

So, lets nerf melee? Should that be what i call for?

It gets asked for…all the time. Take a look around here…

I know, and i disagree.

It’s a meter of preference I guess, but more deliberate combat creates tension, you have to think about your moves and commit. Mistakes get punished much more harshly. As it is now, there is zero punishment for mistakes.

I routinely dive much deeper than I should in situations that I really shouldn’t be, but I am not punished in the slight if I wiff hard, I just roll out.

I just want combat to be meaningful less spammy and more skill based. Dodge spam promotes the lowest skill cap.


with how fast TTK is in this game, deliberate punishing combat should probably come with an adjustment to all DPS.

slightly slower and more weighted combat might also make all the disengaging abilities (not running away but stuff like cyclone, and clear out abilities) more worth it.

right now a single “mistake” or just getting engaged on = death in seconds. its one of the things i hate about this game.


You say you want combat to be more meaningful and skill based, and that dodge spamming promotes the lowest skill cap.

Question - do you believe that currently, a melee/bruisers ability to acquire/lockdown a target is skill based? Does it require a tremendous amount of skill, some skill, or no skill?

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Oh definitely, 100% based on preference. However; it really all depends on the player base you want to target. If you make the combat very punishing, only the hardcore/sweaty players will stick it out. Currently the game caters to the skilled, and to the casual players.

Man, I couldn’t agree more…the rolling is endless. An OPR battle is like watching tumbling tumbleweeds, super lame. With the ability to iframe cc’s and powers, it’s just non-stop…I get light users should have some increased mobility but the current state is ridiculous.


I even dare to say that stamina regenerates slower in GW, which is more of an action game

These are great ideas.



Some skill, with the exception of grav well and ice shower, that I’d rate as low skill, it’s basically click a button to lock down, hence you see it so much.

I suppose my biggest gripe with dodge spam is the lack of engaging combat, there is no block, no parry, just roll or die. Get rooted die. I’d like a system that forces us to go toe to toe. To dodge specific skills, instead of dodge all the times. The iframe uptime rn makes combat feel like it has no impact.


Maybe a perk could be added called “crippling strike” and it prevents movement abilities on crit or something or on three consecutive hits.

We need a lot more diversity in movement options and a lot more ways to counter movement that arnt just base root mechanics.

Agreed I think a dps adjustment would be needed if they reworked dodge.

Nothing to see here, a bunch of noobs crying they can’t chase down and kill someone in light armor when they are in heavy. If you want to be able to do that use light armor instead.

Light armor is finally useable after being complete dogshit for 5+ months and noobs are already crying to nerf it. I play all armor classes and enjoy them all, they all have their own unique style and place in the game.


Go play a different game then. Also if you think light armor lowers the skill cap you are honestly trash at the game.

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Explain what you mean when you say you want a system that makes you go tow to toe

Basically you have to commit to the fight. You would need to manage your resources (stam) and use dodge reactively instead of as an unlimited escape tool. I would rather dodge be a tool for fighting than a tool for movement/escape.



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