Enemies need better combat

I love the game, I’ll definitely be playing for a long while. With that being said I am a little bummed at how lackluster fighting enemies are. I expected with how little diversity there is with enemy types that they would have a broader moveset and various skills. It’s also an action combat mmo and there’s not much action with just running up to an enemy, using skills, and left clicking. I want enemies to give more exp but also hit harder and be more unpredictable. I think the game would benefit a lot from this type of combat. The pve can already be bland but this would at least give it more flavor and a unique challenge.

The game doesn’t need a lot of enemy types, it just needs those enemies to have a challenge with larger movesets and not be so easy to predict. Level 30 so far and nothing has felt super rewarding to kill. Hope they can change some of that for the future.

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