Enginering Craft bugged craft

On fresh server Apophis, leveling enginering to 200. Today try to craft tools 595-600. In workshop i see 595-600 GS, but i craft 593 Logging Axe… so i start recording next crafts 2x fishing pools to test 594 and 592GS.
Town buff, food, full ecu, 3x throphy (houses in Windsward, Everfall, Brimston)

Bugged craft

Hello @SunFiresII

Hope you are doing great and apologize about this inconvenience!

In order to better investigated this issue I encourage you to create web ticket by this link Contact Us | Amazon Games and use this forum and video as reference.

As a troubleshooting tip I would suggest to reset the buffs and trophies even though I can not confirm that it will work properly it was a fix time before.

Best wishes adventurer!

But that was fresh used throphy, just hang it.