Enhancement: Secure Crafting UI

Because there is so many options for crafting, and the underlying system is a “Roll for Perks” method - pre-crafting for sale is not an optimum money making task. It is much better to “work a forge” or Arcane station for those who want services. Creating an integrated, secure crafting services UI would go a LONG way to making this a better solution for end-game crafters.

I have put some thought into it and it could be done with relatively low development time. Here are the basics:

  1. Group Up with your Client.
  2. Load the Crafting UI
  3. A new dropdown on the crafting UI allows you to select a group member and once selected the crafting materials are now coming from their inventor not the crafter.
  4. The crafter does the normal hocus pocus to select the mats, clicks Craft.
  5. The client confirms the build by clicking a new confirm button.
  6. Both the client and the crafter get to view the crafting process.
  7. The crafted item is deposited directly in the clients inventory.

No need for Streamed watching, no need to feel like you are going to get ripped off, everything essentially using the UI already in game with minimal enhancements.

Questions? Comments? Points of Concern?

I’d like to hear what people think.

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