Enjoying Winter and patch fixes!

Having a great time. This is my second character who just turned level 59 and is still building up combat/crafting levels.

The winter festival is fun for me, as a crafting person and someone who walks and explores the whole map.

  1. Good: crafting stations no longer throw you out or crash your crafting.
    Small glitch: you draw your weapon when you exit crafting.
    Good: the crafting regents are now automatically put in for the crafting.
  2. The graphics are wonderful for Winter.
    Had no problems finding Lost Presents all over the place.

Map showing yeti caves and the winter village was excellent.
Ran the quests as listed by the yeti in winter village.

Crafted lost presents and gleamite into tokens.

Found and read the three notes in the winter village.

Fought the yeti’s, only level 25 but fun anyway. I used weapons from that level of area, and without any expertise on them yet.

Ran various quests on town boards to upgrade a winter tree.
Got a present from trees from almost all major cities.
I got flashed by a meteor storm and picked up 110 gleamite.
Received my first level of attributes for my 200 level mining and gathering and very pleased with the rewards.
Later I’ll go play with that emerald piece i got.

All and all, i have had a very good experience.


I have to say, I was really looking forward to this patch, the promise of snow seemed so good. I couldn’t wait to log in and re-explore brightwood as a winter land. turns out all of the snow was isolated to one single pile in the entrance way to brightwood town and no other traces of it can be found anywhere. dissapointed? yes.

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I have to agree with both of these posts. Really loving all the Winter additions, and the QOL ingame, like the improved map, node tracking and quest journal, are great. BUT… I was expecting far more of a wintery feel around the territories

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