Epic items opr dont give expertise/WM

So just logged in after the new update to check my WM/expertise and I realise that any items I got from opr boxes that were of a high WM did not increase my wm level I got a 580 life staff from OPR box and it says my level is 510 for staff please explain?

Was that 580 a named item, not just a random rolled? I got one of those too and those don’t count for watermark.

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yes it was named so that counts for 0 and now I’m behind on my wm because I don’t do the braindead chest grind I have only done OPR that’s some BS…

Did you honestly think you jumped from 510 to 580? You really thought that made sense?

So the OPR boxes don’t always grant you a 100% WM upgrade from my understanding, so it just sounds like you got unlucky. Then again I could be wrong or misunderstanding what you said.

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