"Epic Weapon" Quests Obsolete

So, I love Brimstone so far. Excellent. Some bugs, some performance issues in the capitol, but otherwise its a blast.

That said, since it is raining legendary weapons for simple quests, what purpose do the “Epic Quests” serve now? They are long-winded, some of them very difficult, and cannot typically be soloed the entire way through by the average player.

Can we have these reworked in the future to be more simple and approachable with appropriately legendary weapons rewarded for these long and difficult chains? Or remove them entirely?


+1 on this

It would be better if the weapon quests gave a half decent legendary instead of a 580 epic, that would keep them somewhat relevant and make the long road worth taking. I have done every single weapon except great sword of course just to complete the quests, i literally salvaged all the weapons as they were crap.

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