Equipment load, not worth going full light or medium? How about the looks?

So, whats the point of going full light/medium if u arent using a shield? You always still have space to go like medium body in light category or heavy head+body and stay in medium. And in the end, going full light feels just wrong, because you are missing on stats, but going different load category just messes the looks of it, when you want to wear same matching set. Any other opinions why its better like this? when you can put few pieces of heavier category and be in lower tier?

I think they just calculated the weight on armor wrong.

Either they forgot to fix it or “its not a bug, its a feature” to mix different weight class armor and still stay in light/medium.

Well, by looking into this armor weight table, we can see they add shields for equipment loads, so by not going sword+shield, u get some leftovers that heavier pieces fill in

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I know this is not the same topic, but it baffles me how many people apply to my M10 lobbies with armour (weight) combinations that make no sense. How can so many people get to 625 without knowing the minmax armour loadout weights? It’s amazing.

Maybe it would be fun to have some full set bonuses? Then it would be worth going full medium set even without a shield

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