Equipment Repair Mechanic

I am noticing that it is becoming more difficult to keep my gear repaired.
If a player dies too many times in a dungeon group, or while trying to complete a quest, they can very easily exhaust their accumulated repair parts in a hurry.
The crafting costs to make a single kit are in my opinion way too expensive.
For example:
To fully repair my current tier 4 heavy chest armor it takes 20 repair parts and 12.50 gold.
The Expert Repair kit for tier 4 gear takes 150 repair parts and 3 crafting mods to make ONE kit, that repairs ONE piece of gear, and then the kit is consumed.

I think that if repair kits were reusable for several repairs until it used the amount of repair parts that were used in crafting it instead of just a single item one time full repair, more players would be using them/crafting them.

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