Equipped Gear disappeared after new patch

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    Logged in after patch and lost my equipped items.

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    Logged in after the patch and I am naked.

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    Just logged in.

Same here. Equipped gear gone

you gus can log in? im getting 10 different errors while watching my character having his boots stolen apparently on my character select screen :smiley:

same here
Ingame Name:
Lost equipped gear … dafuq

I can’t get in either. Getting log-in errors everytime I try.

i verified files. and now it said that i had to download 26 mb - another patch, since i already downloaded the 10.5 gb patch. - and after it will download i will try again and see how many of my items have been stolen by AGS :smiley:

Ok, I did some investigation and it looks like they removed harvesting gear from the game. Not sure if its intentional but you can also not find it on the trading post anymore.

We’re aware of the issue and currently investigating! Since there are multiple threads up about this, I’m going to close this and link you to the main thread here: Harvesting Gear Disappeared! - #33 by TrevzorFTW