Equity over Equality. Will this be the Dev's mindset going forward?

“This limit ensures a more equitable progression for players who do not have time to run more than 25 per week versus those that do.”

Equality is giving us all equal opportunity. Then it is up to us what we make of it.

Equity means nobody can get ahead. It is not fair that someone else has a job and can only play 10 hours a week. So to be fair everyone else gets held up to make sure the casual players don’t feel inadequate.

Will this be a common theme going forward?

Your math is so out. Nobody = 5% of players and someone else = 95%.
Master exaggerator

AGS never understand people wants freedom! who care this so called “Equality”?

it wouldnt matter if gs was equalized in most instanced things, then this whole limitation of content wouldnt be necessary because a single dad with 3 kids playing only 1 hour a night (if that exists at all) using all purple items with relevent perks could theoretically have a good time and a good chance of beating the 16 year old kid in their mothers basement playing non stop during the holidays with multiple bis sets. instead of it being a fucking murder.

everyone in-between can go ahead and do whatever the hell they want without it being a drag on the like .01 % of players that only have a few hours a week to play AND still plays this game.

There is no equality of opportunity if most people don’t have the time to run over that number. The average player spends like 3 hours a day log in. They won’t have the opportunity any more than saying you can actually fly to Mars if you become an astronaut.

If you want to argue more equality, then I want a method to Pay $20 for 10 times the loot of 1 run. Because I have a job. And there are other mechanisms at play by limiting content. Like, not to let players burn out, or psychologically, you can retain more players by making them want to log next week to do more of the content.

Gotta be careful from which perspective of ‘equality’ you argue from. It’s not simple. Granted, I do agree that maybe 25 runs is too little. Which is why I proposed a way to run more dungeons by either not getting loot (for run sellers) or by crafting a tuning Orb.

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