Eradicate RMT/botting & increase gaming time - Revised/Simplified Suggestion

Revised and simplified an earlier suggestion. Also reworded so that it’s clear that there is no need for changing anything existing, with the suggested changes targeted at a future expansion.

For everything existing in the game:

  • Players can continue to buy/sell whatever they gather or craft from the existing game world as before
  • Add new craftable cosmetic sets/weapons that can be used in the new transmog system, craftable using gatherables found in the 1-60 classic leveling zones either by gathering or buying materials with gold
  • No new player-power related additions that can be had with gold added before an expansion is released, the new system described below gets adopted

For everything coming up as part of an expansion:

  • Players cannot sell any gathered materials that are found in new expansion zones and any future expansions
  • Players cannot sell any craftable items using materials from new expansion zones
  • Gatherable amounts are capped on a per gatherable per player per 24 hours cycle
  • Gatherables have no reason to despawn - so they can stay static and lessen the computational load on the server
  • Tradepost gets a new feature added: “item trading” allowing players to trade anything to anything, for example, a new mining gatherable for a new herbalism gatherable or trading weapon to weapon, any to any…etc.
  • Gold is mainly used for cosmetics that players can buy with real money via the shop, but it would take them 3 months worth of gold farming to unlock a single cosmetic.

What this system tries to achieve is:

  1. Give meaning and purpose to gathering and crafting
  2. Remove the need for gold for anything player-power related
  3. Add a true crafting/gathering related end-game for those who actually enjoy dedicating their time to these activities
  4. Tackle RMT, gold farming/botting…etc at the root cause. Nobody in their right mind would RMT for cosmetics. They always only do so to get more powerful.
  5. Encourage people to want to actually spend more time playing the game meaningfully while feeling rewarded for their time in both end-game gearing via gathering/crafting or players wanting to play the game more in order to unlock store cosmetics for free

The goal is not to remove gold from the game, but to make it so that it is only tied to cosmetic, non-power related items without forcing the devs to change existing systems at all. Basically, it would turn gold into an in-game equivalent of the real world currency in terms of its usage within NW. Both, in-game gold and real money would be usable on the in-game shop. Except, gold is more scarce and takes a long time to farm via in game activities and is also used for the vanila game zones gatherables/craftables, and since these are not needed for end-game power-related gearing/progression, they retain their value through craftable/sellable cosmetics.


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Another poorly thought out, complexity introducing post about how to change the game. Terrible suggestions all around. Back to ignore you go!


Overcomplicating and overthinking a simple problem, just make nodes instanced.
Also allow us to reset territory standing points.


Just make gatherables instanced to players like I have seen in other games this way if you put in the time to go out and gather to craft things yourself you can actually, you know, do so.


If you’re gonna instance the nodes, you would have to limit the number of spawns to a specific amount so the need for botting is completely removed. But, gold still needs to be removed from being needed to purchase player-pwer.

I’m afraid players will complain about this being a gating mechanic though.


Might not even be needed tbh, the reason many people buy on the AH is that it’s a damn hassle trying to compete with all the bots and the other 67 players running the same route and peeps end up tired of runnin nearly empty node routes.

This is, as in other, SUCCESSFULL MMORPGS, the best way to do things. It allows PVE Farmers to farm, it reduces profits for Botters which cuts down on RMT, which everyone hates. A better game all around and it is as simple as making nodes instanced to the player.

Another good addition would be adding randomly spawning nodes.

In addition to that, making it so the instanced nodes of raw materials can occasionally spawn the Rare or Higher materials. Then as a bonus, if the last time the node was cut down a non gray/white quality tool was used (Green/Blue/Purple/Orange) the corresponding nodes would have either a 100% chance or a +increased chance, based on quality of tool, to spawn the corresponding tool’s quality of material. Additionally, the +Rare Loot Luck gathering sets could influence this as well.

Three examples below of how this could work

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Edited the original post with the addition of:

  • Gatherable amounts are capped on a per gatherable per player per 24 hours cycle
  • Gatherables have no reason to despawn - so they can stay static and lessen the computational load on the server

Good luck with botting with that counter-measure in place. It wouldnt matter at that point even if the entire playerbase uses AI bots.

This is how you would expect it to work in just about any game in 2023.