Eridu and Delos merge needed

I’m Starting this Post to give a voice that the Eridu and Delos needs to Merge! People that were against this will understand that this ultimately has to happen!

  • Tradingpost is dead for Gears
  • OPR’s needs to pop more
  • We barely have enough people to fill the Invasions
  • Not many people crafting due to resources are expensive
  • Very hard to find people for Mutations

Those people that are complaining that they used money to transfer to Eridu from Delos maybe give everyone a free transfer token to keep for the future. We know there is communities created in each server, but we need the activity not die out and people stop quit playing.

Also looks like Delos is somewhate balanced. We could potentially get Delos into Eridu also.
Thank you!



Yesterday Eridu peaked at 377 people. Clearly the “voice of the people of Eridu who don’t want to merge with Delos” wasn’t reflective of the actual player base of Eridu cause they don’t have anybody to do content with so they’re just leaving.

Even dead Delos this morning was bottoming out at 313 players online. When one server is getting peak numbers at prime time which is barely above the trough at the lowest played time of the day it’s time to merge.

There ıs already people that are movıng from Erıdu to Delos now.

it was literally one company spamming the forum post about not merging cuz they wanted to keep the income.


where are the whiners spam crying to not merge the servers now? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


pls merge


TLDR: “Mum, those other kids over there won’t play with me. Make them”

For the record: I have zero care factor on if we merge or don’t. I just reject the premise that in order for you to have fun you must make others do something they dont want to do and act like you’ve taken an accurate poll on what people like / don’t like.

Stating the drop in numbers on Eridu is somehow a deafening metric of intent here is to ignore the drop across all servers world wide as somehow not being related :rofl:

As you were…

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Hello I am a developer for New World gaming. After alot of thinking from the team, we will be merging Eridu into Kibu. :thank you:

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iPhone XR

wait, manzugs…did you moved to eridu or still in delos?

Both delos and Eridu are bad enough independently population wise you could make a case for merging with the fresh starts tbh.

This Eridu delos merge should have happened long ago. Fyi im one of the players who goes online on Eridu and counts towards your ‘community server’

I log in get my trees and fuck off to my other characters on playable servers. I grinded an entire character on Eridu to 625 to just login and get free gypsum coz u can’t do M10’s.

Amazing experience. I couldn’t even imagine having my only character on Eridu. The Fucken nerds in chat tell you to transfer when they don’t realise there’s only one other server in the whole region(which I have a character on alrdy) and it’s just a little less dead than your own. If there was another playable ap southeast server I could go to I would. But this isn’t the Fucken EU or US EAST

We are part of the ap southeast region which is completely dying outside of the fresh servers which sadly I cannot transfer to. So quit crying and think about the other players in the region that just wanna play the game.


So @Delakron some further background on the social/community situation of Delos/Eridu as you may only have the data available.

From the time in July/August when Delos was the only server in AP with Utopia merged into it there remained a limited number of high tier companies which lower tier companies could not compete with.

For covenant this was a company 2144, with another company called Salty Seaman. When covenant members would push territory they would nominate in faction chat to be invited to a 2144 company shell to make sure the shell would have the influence to declare. Since 2144 was the strongest PvP company on the server it meant a high chance they would win the war and win territory for covenant so other members were happy to do this.

Salty seaman was previously a marauder company but switched to covenant and they would also push wars but also use 2144 members.

At the time up until the creation of Eridu that unless a person was preferred by these companies they would not be slotted in war for covenant. This might be behind part of the claim about war lockouts on the original thread.

Currently the majority of 2144 and salty seaman members now play actively on Sutekh and do not log onto their Delos characters. If they do it is only to defend a territory - covenant has fought almost no attack wars since fresh start servers commenced and has gone from 6-7 territories in October to two territories now as 2144 has not held any of its previous shell territory. There are no other significant sized PvP companies in covenant on Delos.

Syndicate pvp companies were primarily World Bandits, i40, and sinbads saucy sailors. i40 and sinbads saucy sailors have since disbanded due to members leaving or being banned, while most of their remaining members have moved to Sutekh. World bandits still exists and holds approximately 4 territories across different shell companies. There are other newer PvP companies in syndicate such as session and communits which actively push for wars today.

Marauders in august 2022 did not hold a single territory after i40 and salty seaman left the faction. The remaining companies were unable to beat 2144 or World bandits/i40 and so could rarely take territory and not hold it if they managed to.

Today marauders hold 4 territories across 3 separate companies and continue to actively push for wars. Since most of the strongest pvpers in the covenant and syndicate companies they couldn’t beat primarily play and push attack wars on Sutekh the marauders have been able to establish a presence and now how more territories than covenant.

The PvP situation at the creation of Eridu compared to today is completely different. People in certain factions will not be locked out of wars. There are numerous options for different companies to push for wars in different territories. If a different company pushes influence for a war then they will be able to slot the people that they want to. This was the primary claim by the organised campaign conducted on the forum by members of one company on Eridu. It no longer reflects the current situation on Delos.

Hope this background is of assistance as you monitor the continued low and falling player base of Eridu and Delos.


World bandits abused the musket exploit to get the territories from salty seaman. I think they would likely lose all the territories soon once the musket is properly fixed.


So everyone who had a voice on this issue is from one company. Thats provable right?

I’d like to know which company that was (to see if I am in it).

I did not see any organised campaign, I responded from my own point of view without prompting.

The recent changes to invasion signups make it much harder to keep a medium population server going however.


Edit - purple now holds 9 territories, yellow 2, green 1. There would be plenty of room from any eridu companies to easily get into wars (provided they werent syndicate).

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Agreed. Which is why at the time the objections were raised I simply noted that it would have been smarter to wait for the company updates to occur, then assess the population and enable mergers to happen based off data not emotion.

At the moment, if X% of the Eridu population aren’t able to sustain constant invasions responses, theres your answer across the board. If one company takes over multiple towns and can’t fend off invasions well thats a “company problem not a server problem”.

Much like we saw on Eridu / Everfall earlier this week. Saul Goodman’s company I think it was (apologies if i got it wrong) for whatever reason couldn’t fend off an attack. Ok, another company can either step in and fill that void or they regroup and try again.

If all the population stack heavily in one faction corner and then shake their fists at why things aren’t going to plan… well… you’re only as strong as your overall population faction spread either way. Correct me if I am wrong but this was one of the major push backs to the merger because Delos did that once upon at time.

However with the new updates, this may have radically changed now. New data, now possibilities and all.

Guys … purple came on forum to complain and got what they wanted.
Just spend the money to buy the token and leave for Delos. The company have the whole server to themselves with 40 people online everyday. AGS get money from the cash shop, the other players get to play content without hours of Queue.
It’s a win win win situation.

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I mean we could also get Delos to merge into Eridu… like thats a posibility too :stuck_out_tongue:

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Those were the guys that had a territory haha. Now that they don’t, they don’t care it seems.