Eridu to Delos Server Merge

I’m Starting this Post to give a voice to the Eridu Community that does not want to get server Merge to Delos.
Now while i understand low pop servers hinder some in game activity such as OPR, Mutations and 3V3 Arenas. Within the community its self there is a player base that Thrives for PVP Content such as wars but because of the strangle hold of territories some larger companies have in the game are unable to compete. Eridu has provided a place for players to escape delos and Given companies an opportunity to build up experience playing PVP competitively or just have a more relaxed competition. It is a complete discredit to the companies that have managed to build up a player base that will be completely demoralised by losing all of there progress and unable to compete with the larger companies that are Better equip and more experience.

In recent weeks i have seen an increase of players talking about moving off delos and moving to Eridu as the community is rich with opportunities for smaller companies

Prior to Fresh start servers, Eridu had a thriving community with competitive PVP. I believe most players are playing alts on Fresh start but may still move back to there mains on Eridu as the hype of fresh start wind down.
Limiting AP SE to only have 1 Legacy server is bad for the overall player base and community health and this is a sentiment that is expressed by a lot of players in the community.
I hope that you would reconsider the server merge or atleast consult further with the player base who are going to be impacted


Yeah I agree, I just paid like $20 to leave Delos less then a month ago, faction swapped too, as appropriate to Eridu, we worked hard at claiming turf in war and now this? What a ripoff charging people to leave and then forcing them back to the same server? I don’t want a credited move token, where can I even move to as you shutdown the only other legacy in AP, perhaps crediting anyone who paid to move to Eridu from Delos back would at least be a decent gesture of goodwill. Really all we need is cross server OPR/3v3 and TP (with greater tax for imports from another server or something maybe) and no server will really die.


Fresh Start will die and then you’ll just have to reopen Eridu - We already have an established community with towns upgraded - We still get OPRs, 3v3’s, Mutations. Invasions are still won as well! This merge isn’t really required especially after just having Agartha merged into us days ago!


Ive also made a post about this, it’s completely tonedeaf and to a point hypocritical when AGS talks about gatekept content themselves yet is forcing us back into it. Leave low pop servers alone. Yes things may be cheaper but what does that matter when there is no opportunity to farm it yourself


Agree war content is so selective in Delos, people don’t get a chance to actually participate. Eridu is a step below Delos in terms of pvp competitiveness but it isn’t gate kept by 3 companies like it is in Delos. No one from eridu actually wants to be a part of Delos


+1 for this post, if Eridu merges into Delos many, many people on the server (myself included) will no longer have any opportunities for war as the pvp scene on Delos is incredibly gatekept by very established and entrenched companies. I consider myself to be a half decent pvper with a good amount of war experience, but I would almost certainly never get a single war slot on Delos. We’ve been able to get people who have never done any pvp whatsoever into wars, giving them a chance to experience an endgame activity they never could otherwise. These people would have absolutely no chance whatsoever to war again on legacy and would be prevented from ever getting the opportunity to further earn the ropes of war.

Eridu has been a breath of fresh air for myself and many of my friends, as I’ve been able to make connections with other people as well as do more wars in a few weeks than my entire time on previous servers combined. All the server drama aside it’s been a generally fantastic experience and I’d almost certainly stop playing legacy if merged back with Delos.


It’s a problem that stem from large toxic companies that try to manipulate every town and server. The patch is trying to lessen that problem. Imagine the same companies transferring to Eridu once they get bored of Delos.

At the same time the merge is also about Delos having a good population count and markets. Hopefully the next patch can add some legacy players or they unlock the fresh start server soon.


As someone who has had to sit through countless merges I feel this merge is pointless… you force us down to 1 to just then open new ones because we get too populated? By doing this you’re also restricting content for a lot of people because we are moving into a server with big established companies who control what we do in terms of wars and what buffs are available to us. Massive kick in the face for those who have worked tirelessly to make eridu what it now is. Amazon please stop touching things it’s self sabotagey and deters people off of the game! The player base is rich in this server and we are sick to death of being moved around! #RETHINKTHEMERGE


yeah i hate the merge


Having only just started playing NW like a Month ago on Eridu I am just beginning to get into wars and invasions. Personally if we merge and people not at absolute gear cap and BIS in every slot now do not get invited to participate in anything large scale combat you effectively remove 50% of my gaming experience.
Claiming its for server pop to keep markets stable and equitable is just a load of crap. Largest companies with the largest armies with the best gear dominating all territories and gaining all the monetary advantage along with it. SOUNDS LIKE HEAPS OF FUN to a newer or more casual player.

Servers with lower population and tighter knit communities feel betrayed when being thrust into a server full of super hardcore players who can literally 1 shot them and then get put into the PVE/ gathering and crafting only category which is again not fair and removing like %50 of allot of players time in game.



I completely agree with you!

They did the same thing when merging Utopia to Delos… Posts were made trying to persuade them to leave 2 servers in AP. AGS simply doesn’t care what we as the community feel. I would love to keep Eridu from merging, but sadly it just won’t happen.

AGS’s respose will simply be, "if the population increases, we will simply open a new server… Stupid logic, as no one will want to start towns fresh again…


This merge is not needed or wanted. The two servers are serving the communities exactly as intended/needed. Many people paid to leave delos for good reason and forcing them back after they have paid is not okay. There will need to be new servers made again once this gets too full when people leave the fresh starts or come back for the next update etc and this ridiculous cycle will continue. Leave eridu alone, exactly as it is. Nobody is asking for this and the only thing that will be accomplished is loss of players. Work on some of the PvP and QOL changes the community is screaming for rather than forcing us back to delos.


Please do not merge. Eridu has created a low toxicity. friendly and engaging server for folks to gain valuable experience in world events they would otherwise be locked out of. I Joined eridu before fresh start servers were announced and have had a fantastic time. Very rarely having to wait long for any content. I believe it is worth waiting for the fresh start hype to slow down before this merge is considered again. We have a thriving community with fantastic people. I would hate to see this lost.


Merging eridu into Delos is going to make so many people leave the game. Eridu has built up such an amazing community, it’s provided more casual PvPers with the opportunity to participate in endgame content such as wars and an opportunity to learn and develop their skills, there’s significantly less toxicity in eridu compared to Delos. Majority of people who are in eridu made the choice to leave Delos because of the state the server was in and now you’re forcing them back into it? I left Delos because of lack of war opportunities, a lack of community, toxicity, and just straight up wanting a fresh start. This is the case for majority of eridu players and now you’re making us go back? The companies in eridu have worked so hard to establish eridu how it is now. The PvP in eridu is relatively balanced compared to Delos, smaller companies actually have a chance to thrive in eridu. Why ruin something that’s already working so well?


AP Southeast has had only one server before and it stifles opportunity.

Delos is fine without the extra population and Eridu gives players who want low pop somewhere to go. If they don’t like the experience, they can transfer to Delos and vice versa. Leaving the region with no transfer options is bad and a mockery of those who have already paid to transfer.


It’s going to be like the closing of Utopia all over again. Then the massive pain in the behind upgrading all the towns when they open another server again. Is AGS going to be giving away free server transfers to those that want to escape Delos when you open a new server?


yeah I never get to war again but at least I can keep the mote prices low for all the war loggers! so glad I get to never participate in 50% of the endgame content so Delos can have a good market


Yes AGS please do not make this change. You have done well to listen to your communities and have since gained a lot of respect and admiration as a gaming company that has listened. Now is the time to LISTEN!

Please reframe from making this change for the time being.


As a player that quit New World due to toxicity from Delos players and the big companies, this merge is a terrible, terrible idea.

Eridu has a inviting atmosphere where new players get to experience other things other than market/economy contribution/ pve content and get to try things in a welcoming and warm atmosphere, such as wars as people mentioned. If you merge Eridu into Delos, the people on Eridu are more likely to end up leaving the game completely, undoing all your hard work with the Return to Aeternum event.

If you are genuinely interested in the longevity of your game, DO NOT merge us into Delos. No-one wants to be on Delos, and no-one wants to put up with the toxicity of the player base there.


I agree that the new patch should take place before any merger cause things need to be done such that more people can get on war and we want a stop to sweaty companies.