Error 0xc00000e5 Click OK to close the application


I have been getting this error today , no update happened from my side.
Things i’ve tried :

Reinstalling my graphic card drivers
Reinstalling the game
Repair The Anti Cheat

My system :

I have the same issue

same issue, before server restart at Heliopolis the game worked flawlessly

have also done
Reinstalling my graphic card drivers
Reinstalling the game
Repair The Anti Cheat

windows also said my system time was off, and I resynched the time

tried also to change my virtual memory , no luck yet.

i have same issue.


i try:
Reinstall game
Repair The Anti Cheat

use comend in windows:
sfc /scannow
DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

nothing found

if i change name folder .\New World\EasyAntiCheat\Certificates game start but cant login

have error

the game stopped working around 5:00 pm. nothing change in system

I see that we all use the insider preview of windows, Maybe something to do with windows it self? i am also using the insider preview

Could be. Can’t check it myself though as I am missing the option to roll back to w10

This is because of the Windows Insider builds has been expired. Verify that your build is not expired, run winver and check if your insider build is expired, by switching time to 2 days ago manually, I was able to overcome this.

You must also delete steam_appid.txt on your game folder if you did integrity check.

I previously thought it was due to EAC but insider build is expiring is main reason.


And indeed it worked! Thank you so very much! I had to manually change the time.

The question is , how do we move on with that , as , changing the time affected some websites such as Youtube , Reddit and so on.

You can just change time after joining game back, that will solve it but changing the windows insider build is much more needed way, either update it to next release or switch to stable version.

i confirm, your solution works, thank you.

I assume this fix will fail in another day?

Windows dev builds have expired time WIN + R winver.
if expire mast update win to nex dev rs or reinstall windows to official build. Time change is only a temporary solution.

thx @aileen for explanation. I update Windows and the game work.

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