Error connecting to the server - will not connect

did a shutdown restart, did a dns flush, did a driver update, did a modem reset. always the same problem, get to the character login screen and it just times out throwing out the error unable to connect to the server.

yesterday my game was fine, nothing wrong, now its this constant error, for about the last 4 hours, nothing wrong with my internet, nothing wrong with firewall blocking, verified files on steam just to make sure and nothing has resolved it. running core i7 7700 16 gb ram, gtx 1030 vid card with ample storage left on the hdd.

so 10 hours and still no response, should i be concerned considering this has been an issue since launch day?

I’ve been unable to login in since yesterday too. Still no luck this morning

Repeated server error on login or the play button spins forever.

I just want to play on my weekend.

so its over 24 hours now, and still no response from any admins, they probably saw that i have tried all the options previously posted and think that if they dont respond it will just fall by the wayside.

so for anyone who was keeping tabs on this, i have resolved it by using a vpn, i tried absolutely every resolution they recommended and nothing worked, use a vpn and bam its working …

Hello! Thank you for reporting this to us!

I would like to make a report about this situation, can you please try this for me?

IPv6: How To Disable

Use the shortcut, Windows Key + X to open the Control Panel.
Open Network and Internet.
Open Network and Sharing Center.
Click Change Adapter Settings.
Right-click your connection and go to Properties.
Uncheck the box next to Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) to disable it.

Let me know if something changes so we can try something else.

i did the ipv6 disable, i did everything that you have mentioned previously in all the posts about this subject, absolutely everything including port forwarding on my router, and nothing worked, nothing at all, my solution worked which tells me only one thing, that the issue is on your end, not mine.