error in skills to activate agro

Lately I’ve been having trouble keeping aggro as a tank, there are times when the threat disappears as seen in the clip and as well as weapons and shield I have “hate” equipped,

Hey there and welcome to the community! Thank you for reporting this issue.

I saw that the mob did lose focus. Could I have your Character name and server?

hi, server name Castle of Steel, name character ELROND II

Thank you! I will get this report over to the Development team to review. :slightly_smiling_face:

This has been happening a lot in recent weeks. My tanks have been saying that the mobs are taunted, but they still turn and go after me as healer. I started tanking myself the other day, and it appears that if a mob already has a taunt on them, taunting them again does not work properly.

I main tank and this has been an issue I think since last big update. In most mutators I use S&S with carnelian using sheild bash when mobsare grouped. I then switch to hatchet with carnelian and berserk to keep mobs on me. I use these as soon as they come up and there’s still aggro on healer. And people are asking if I’m taunting or something wrong with me, it’s frustrating!

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