Error mm authresult http error response code

Hi, I’ll try to go in game since 8 Hour and 2 times go down the queue with internal server error and now i can’t open the game because i receive the error in Subjet.

I send a Pic of the error i see when i open New Worldproblema_1day


Same issue EU Central. I think the servers are just being flooded at the mo guys! It’s the reason I have next week off and not this week!

Hold on guys, we will get there. <3



same eu central


Same EU central indeed! with 1 gbps stable, cable connection

EU Central, me too after playing the game 3 hours

I just had the same error message again.
So from 400 in queue i am dosn to 150 again… this sux to be honest.
I eman its good that my character stayed since she is lvl 15. but still, now I won´t be able to play today because too long a queue.

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