ETA for Paid Transfers?

Now that the server transfers appear to be permanently up, when will those who used the free token the first time be able to transfer again with the paid transfer?

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Only those with Prime membership will be allowed paid transfers for one off payment of $.499.99

They have to fix the current problems first a ton of people can’t even transfer yet because of another bug so I doubt it will be soon.

Oh I didn’t know know there were still issues with it lol that sucks

Yeah lol seems as though they’re fixing it in a few hours so hopefully if that gets fixed they can start offering that for everyone.

I would love to see the ability to buy a new one asap, some of us transferred to a dead server and want to move out again, I don’t mind paying for one but right now I/we can’t and that sucks :slight_smile:

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Yeah and some of us also transferred to a server that got screwed up after the first wave of transfers and became even worse after the second wave lol

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