ETA on Fresh Start Server Transfers to other Fresh Servers?

When can we expect to be able to transfer to other fresh start servers so we can join our buddies, since the launch was pretty poor at allowing people to join each other? Please expedite this if possible…


We are not allowing players on Fresh Start Worlds to transfer onto other Fresh Start Worlds. However, players in these worlds will have the opportunity to transfer to Legacy worlds in a future update.


U kidding @Luxendra ?

How am I going to join my friends in another fresh starter server? The only reason I’m back playing this game is to be playing with some friends and u can’t even understand this enough to allow fresh start server transfers?

Are u going to let fresh start servers die just like the first few months? If I can’t join my friends, I’ll stop playing, same for them, same for a lot of ppl playing the game atm all around the world…

If by any chances u think that players will let servers die by transferring to more competitive worlds, u r right, they will do it, but it’s 100% better than letting servers die without allowing players to do it and letting it be a complete fault by Amazon again.

Y’all need to do these things faster so you don’t lose players that are willing to play but u limit’em from basic stuff…


While I don’t need it this makes no sense at all. Who makes such absurd decisions at AGS?


Can we hear the rationale behind this decision? Genuinely curious as it seems separating FSS and Legacy worlds was the intended route.


Thank you! This is a actually a smart move. Ignore the others. This was known before we all started on FSS and it’s 100% fine.




Its a smart decision,dont let those haters get to you.


@Luxendra I can clearly read what is posted on the original Dev update of the Fresh Start page, that is why I’m asking for an ETA on the “Not at this time” portion. That means you are still holding the option for transfers, not that they are definitely not going to occur. If that is the intent, then the Devs need to clarify their statements and not mislead, wording goes a long way. SO, I ask again, what is the ETA from the Devs or is it not happening at all?

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There is no ETA. She was very clear when she stated that there will be no transfers between fresh start worlds.

If you are looking to play with your friends you’ll need to transfer to a legacy world when transfers open up. At that point the differences between fresh start and legacy servers will be small anyways.


This is a great stance stick to it. The allure of Fresh Start was to keep the servers virgin to anyone who would start on the server. Allowing transfers from one server to another even within fresh start will taint server economies.


LMAO, small differences??? You do realize that the issues and duping on the Legacy servers are the reason this game lost 90% of it’s player base in a couple months? No one on the FSS want to go to a legacy server. The whole reason behind opening them in the first place was to try and bring back the players that were upset with AGS’s original mess ups, to give us a fresh start and them a new chance to show us that the game has changed. The Devs made a CLEAR STATEMENT, “NOT AT THIS TIME”, which leaves room for transfers to occur and I am asking for the clarification. The Moderators here have no dictation on the decisions on the game, but they can at least pass this info on the to the Devs.


Well if u check on Trade Post prices now I dont see bigger difference in economy xD when:
FSS have 14 days, legacies 1 year…

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“We are not allowing players on Fresh Start Worlds to transfer onto other Fresh Start Worlds”

I don’t understand how this is not clear to you.

Also, the dupes thing was a deeply exaggerated story propagated by people who wanted to see fresh start servers succeed and legacy servers fail so that they wouldn’t be behind.

In truth the impact of dupes overall on the game was pretty unnoticeable. The items duped were things like Voidbent (worthless 1 perk garbage) and luck food during the consumables dupe. They banned the accounts that duped and removed the items anyways.

The fresh start hype was great to get new players in, but I think eventually, we all end up on the same servers


yea that guy is completely clueless. Dupes had basically zero impact on the game vs the updates that completely made the old meta irrelevant.


I said that hundreds of time … problem is lack of REAL gold sink. People generates insane amount of gold in dungeons, oprs, pvp track etc.

Lmao okay, have the Mods put a poll on the site, take a vote of who actually wants the merge back to Legacy servers, or who wants to open up xfers to FSS to FSS. Each server will have their gold hoarders, some people actually are really good at making gold, but max GS, max trophies, and everything else under the sun that has been accumulated in the past year makes an ungodly difference in the gameplay. Troll all you want, facts are facts.

They can’t have nothing more than people in FSS got after these 2 weeks… better items don’t exist.