ETA on Fresh Start Server Transfers to other Fresh Servers?

no is a no why u flaming luxendra,be kind when you’re talking to woman.

No transfers, but are there plans to have mergers shortly after the RtA event is over, or will AGS simply let servers die, that already have a peak of 200 players?

Seems mergers between Fresh Start servers would make sense, as the rush to play is over, and majority of the influencers that were contracted for the event are back WoW for Dragonflight, and if they weren’t a WoW player, playing it for views.

Even a merge of the RtA servers to the lowest pop Fresh Servers in their regions would be an immense improvement, as it took so long for additional keys to come out. RtA servers suffered focusing on challenges with increased difficulty for low pops, and players interested in coming back got tired for waiting, separating friend groups.

This doesn’t line up with your previous post.

Perhaps you meant “Not at this time” instead of just “not”?

Hopefully, AGS realizes that transfers and merges are essential in keeping the game alive. Further delay with adding this feature into FSWs will be extremely detrimental to long-term health.


She made it pretty clear that transfers wont be allowed,what are you still asking?

Can you read or is it just your comprehension that is lacking? There’s a difference between saying never and eventually.

Not at this time.

What does this mean to you?

Seems like you can’t even read my last reply. Assuming by the way you’re acting English is not your first language.

It’s literally like the people had AGS sit and think of every possible way to get people to NOT want to play their game. Nobody wants to go to Legacy from FSS. Nobody.

Will your company ever actually listen to it’s playerbase? Or is the plan to keep making poor decisions until you are back down to 10,000 players playing again?


I know a lot of people who wants to move to legacy from fresh,what u said isnt true.

You still haven’t responded to my last post. Clearly, it’s you who can’t read.

She made a new statement that transfers wont be allowed which is clear enough for me that there wont be transfers for fresh to fresh if you cant understand this I mean I dont want to say bad things but u are pushing your intelligent limit to not understand basic thing.

Ok. I’ll come back when you have been proven to be wrong.

I’ll keep this just in case.

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have a nice day man,do some activity for ur brain this doesnt look good to me. so far from all those fresh players i’ve talked with there was no intelligent person this makes me wonder what the fuck is going on there.

I’ve read all the developer’s posts. I have a pretty good idea of what’s going on. However, they made some recent posts that seem to contradict previous ones. It’s clear that they didn’t word these posts properly and people like you are misinterpreting them and spreading false information.

I see so you saw the big picture from those words,u can read minds too?

Yep, and there’s nothing in yours.

awww not a nice thing to say
Can you also share us the big plan u saw in those dev posts

No, the plan will be revealed soon enough.

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and which is?

It’s a secret, why would I tell you? :thinking:

You’ll just have to wait.