ETA on Fresh Start Server Transfers to other Fresh Servers?

This will actually kill fresh wipe servers if you do this. The amount players that gained interest and came back to the game because of fresh wipe… People will leave to legacy and even mess up the market on legacy too. Keep transfers Legacy to Legacy and Fresh to Fresh, its not rocket science and its what people want. Talk to your community before making a change like this. Some will disagree but majority will agree. Don’t kill the fresh worlds, let people enjoy the game this time.

I know many players who wanted to experience fresh but doesnt want to stay on fresh,they are waiting transfers so they can move their char to legacy.
Fresh doesnt have a good quality compared to legacy.

you can already create two characters on Legacy , and its going to take time for fresh to pop off but legacy is dead and fresh is live and it prob also depends on the server you on , reason why we should have xfers on fresh to fresh not fresh to legacy

Legacy isnt dead and as i said many players that I know wants to move from fresh to legacy so what you are saying is doesnt make any sense.

Just roll a new toon on the server your friend is on. I don’t see the big deal. It’s only been a couple of weeks.

Nope. “Legacy” will not die. There are plenty of people who don’t want to roll new characters.

Also don’t listen to @klas . They think AGS is only giving FSWs an option to transfer to “legacy” while simultaneously saying they’ll never merge FSWs into “legacy”.

This only leaves the option for everyone to pay $15 to transfers to “legacy” worlds. Clearly, this doesn’t follow any sort of logic. @klas doesn’t understand English and at this point, is knowingly spreading false information.

Eventually people would want to play with other friends that went to a different fresh wipe server ? no one wants to make another 60 thats a waste of time.
Point is keep Fresh wipe servers together let people enjoy the fresh world let legacy be with other legacy with all the 20 alt accounts


Yea but the idea of the fresh start servers are “no one transferred onto it from ANYWHERE ELSE” bringing either gold/gear/trophies etc. with them in the process. This even goes for fresh to fresh transfers. Like I said before, just roll a new one on a different fresh server if you don’t like the one you are on. Two weeks of time playing from fresh opening is nothing.


That wouldn’t make any sense. You’re incorrect.

yes thats what it is,you can only move from fresh to legacy u cant go back to fresh. This people having hard time to understand this.

yeah people dont want that bc it will kill fresh servers lol

many people that I know wants to move legacy from fresh.they are not happy with the quality wars are 5 min.

Thats just a skill and company diff, they think going to legacy going against 30-40 alt accounts and full bis out characters are going to give them a better war lol theyre going to get the same treatment. Its day 1 new world, its just a grind fest people know the meta and people just gotta adjust to it or get better players or go to a pve fresh server

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u cant force people to stay on fresh servers,people that I know wants to move out of fresh so they can enjoy a good content on legacy servers,thats it.

make a legacy character lol

This people having hard time to understand this.

Imagine the person writing this telling other people they don’t know English. :rofl:

Again, incorrect and knowingly spreading false information. FSW will have merges into other FSW. Also possibly adding transfers as well. There’s no reason why AGS wouldn’t seek to cash out on those $15 tokens.

The FAQ clearly said “at this time” regarding transfers from fresh start —> fresh start servers. Read in its totality, I think most people would have expected transfers from fresh start —> fresh start transfers to be possible in the future, so I am hoping that will be the case. Transferring fresh start —> legacy makes no real sense and defeats the purpose of having rolled on a FS server in the first place.

The original FAQ said:

Q: How long will the servers be locked from transfers from existing servers? Will players in these Fresh Start Worlds be able to transfer out of them?

A: There will be no transfers of existing characters into Fresh Start Worlds. We plan to allow transfers from a Fresh Start World to a legacy world at a later time.

Q: Can players in Fresh Start Worlds transfer to another Fresh Start World?

A: Not at this time.

Q: If the Fresh Start World population drops, does that mean it’ll be merged on a legacy server or will it be merged with another fresh server?

A: We will never merge any Fresh Start Worlds into legacy worlds.

I submit that reading these things together would lead most people to think that FS would be kept segregated from legacy, meaning no legacy to FS transfers or mergers. But the fact that FS pops will also drop and need mergers, combined with the “not at this time” language, led me (and I would think most people) to think that transfers would ne available FS to FS in the future if populations warranted it.

EDIT: I am having tons of fun on FS and I have no desire to ever go to legacy. If populations drop on FS and transfers are not allowed along with mergers, I think that you are really doing your players a disservice. It really makes no sense not to allow FS to FS transfers. And I think you’ll just end up having people leave if it’s not eventually allowed.

If they would allow fresh to fresh things would get worse for fresh servers,ags doing right thing. If you are not happy with ur server create on another,u cant force people to stay on fresh.

What part of the the Fresh Start server update did you not understand - it was stated repeatedly that you would not be allowed to transfer to a Fresh Start server from ANY other server.

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