ETA on Fresh Start Server Transfers to other Fresh Servers?

Sure - literally took 5 seconds to google the threads from the dupe.

the one that u claim u have dupe items.I am waiting the proof which u said u have dupe items.

LMAO bro - you’re the biggest troll on these forums. The trophy dupe happened. Get over yourself. I already linked the thread above.

so u cant give us any proof that u claim which u have dupe items,now u are trying to change the topic as i thought. pure bullshit

Additional servers were opened because of the queues. Most of the players who try out a new game / big update have quit. Those additional servers are already dying. On my server there’s a hour queue for OPR, and absolutely zero groups for dungeons. I’m stuck on what I can do.

You’ve completely ignored the fact that they responded to this (which was a full year ago by the way) by locking down all trading, removing all of the duped items, and banning the accounts that participated.

I don’t actually believe you have duped trophies on your account because nobody would be stupid enough to state that publicly.

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Bro - they didn’t remove any items bought from the trading post. This went on for 24 hours before they turned the trading post off. You can back and read those posts. Dupes start happening morning of November 14, 2021 - then the post of turning trading post off didn’t happen until afternoon of November 15, 2021 - almost 30 hours later after it was first reported. Read thru the threads.

Still reporting my comments,moosee you are something else.
@Agreon becareful when you are commenting,once he loses argument starting to report comments.

I’m reporting your comments. Now get on the actual topic, or leave the thread. I will keep reporting your spam until they ban you, if you choose to continue.

What reason are you reporting my comments?

Didn’t report a single one of your comments. Keep trolling.

it seems u got a fanboy.

Bro - you’re doing this to yourself. You’re acting like a fool in front of everyone. You’re sitting here thinking you’re in the right, but everyone is reporting you for your trolling. Just let it go dude.

If i recall correctly, this is because they disabled trophy sales and the ability to craft them pretty quickly other times they disabled all trading in general.

@PartehBoy I think klas is pretty on topic. This is a topic about fss zealots being unable to read and think critically, after all.

Ill just start reporting everything you post about other people posting about things that you deem off off topic. Talking about people being off topic is for sure off topic.

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Exactly,he tried to make legacy look bad again and we called him out then he run away and there is a guy reporting me for that as well.
Once they cant defend themself they start reporting.

Yeah just shrug it off and assume they are mentally ill. The tribalism that FSS started makes it not far from the truth.

So happy to have them back :slight_smile:

Hopefully they are allowdd to own some bottom tier territory on legacy servers 2.0

look little brother the answer is no. accept it


Bro i want go my friends servers. Im in right now Jupiter i want go Cleopatra.

We are not allowing players on Fresh Start Worlds to transfer onto other Fresh Start Worlds. However, players in these worlds will have the opportunity to transfer to Legacy worlds in a future update.

Absolute gold, everything i could and would ever expect from AGS on this subject

I strongly encourage you to change convince the team to change their mind. Whoever the lead is, is thinking very short sighted on this. Average player count has gone up over 70% in the past month. This is not due to whatever cringe trash updates have been happening. Please allow fresh start characters to transfer to other fresh start servers. You locked servers preventing friends from playing with each other on launch. This is the same mishandled launch as the initial launch last year.

There is literally 0 reason to play fresh start if you will be forced to play legacy in the future.

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