ETA on Fresh Start Server Transfers to other Fresh Servers?

Why would any dev or any community manager listen to someone who calls their product updates “cringe trash”.

Do you think that you are coming off as a person that wants to see New World succeed?


if you aren’t woke you won’t understand

Luxendra team is doing the right decision,those players who wants to hop between fresh doesnt understand that fresh servers will get damage as soon as u guys open transfers.
Let ignorant people flame you but keep the right decision…

In what way would the servers be damaged? Especially RTA accounts with dead economies and 0 gear on the market?

What happens is when a server is healthy and bunch of players who transfers there breaks the balance and server keeps bleeding this causes server to die.
What ags doing is right,there should be never transfers between fresh to fresh. If you want to transfer u can transfer to legacy.

Elaborate though, in what way does it break balance? You keep interjecting with your opinion but fail to provide any sustenance. If transferring is so bad, why is it allowed on legacy servers?

because legacy is established for that,if u did play on legacy u would know what happend there once transfers allowed.
Comptetion gets out of control → people moving out server → server keeps bleeding → dying.
its a cycle and fresh isnt ready for it,legacy is prepared for it since it happend to them.

  • legacy players can handle transfers from fresh but fresh cant handle it. If players from fresh moving to legacy that wouldnt break the balance in legacy but it would break the fresh.

What do you even mean? Legacy transfers didn’t cause the downfall of the game’s population, it was highly requested by the playerbase. What will people on FSS do when they realize they’re way out of their league on their server? They have no option to go to a less competitive FSS - so would they just quit? On legacy servers if you want to play on a less competitive server then you’re free to do so.

Aside from that, it’s a whole different argument for transfers being allowed for RTA to FSS, as those servers are dead beyond repair.

One of the reason legacy servers keep bleeding is people are hopping between servers breaking the balance which makes players quitting the game.
i’ve seen what literally happend to legacy servers once transfers was allowed,there is a reason why people was suggesting 1 month cd for transfers etc.

If a fresh player thinks its out of their league they can join to legacy and join a better guild or move to server which fits them. Legacy is established for this fresh isnt,which part of that hard to understand?

If you allow RTA to FSS next will be people asking “u guys allowed them why are we not transfering” are you vip or what?

Which part of that is hard to understand? Maybe the fact that population was already dying when transfers were enabled? Maybe that transfers were highly requested because population was already plummeting and people were tired of playing on dead servers or without their friends? Correlation doesn’t = causation brother, it’s clear to me that you don’t have a fundamental understanding of why transfers exist in the first place. I understand now that this is the reason you don’t support it, thank you for the replies.

And to answer your question, yeah I do consider myself somewhat of a VIP. I grinded my ass off to earn the community drops and would like to continue playing this RTA account on a server with more than 200 people during peak hours and get the FSS experience that I missed out on.

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Really? before the transfers there was a lot of servers and after the transfers at some point eu was close to getting one server.
Do you know why it happend? Guilds which was losing wars they started to lose players some of them joined better guilds which made those guilds dying some players got benched which resulted them quitting too.This happend after the transfers, so I dont buy your logic there because i’ve seen what happend on legacy. If they allow fresh to fresh this will happen there as well,guilds which keeps losing either moving away from server or quitting the game this makes the server unheatlhy and those who is on top keeps transfering to enjoy the content.

Noone cares if you played on RTA,u made a decision to join a streamer server knowing the fact that what would be happening to that server,If you think you 're vip then I have to woke u up,u are just like a normal player instead of believing that u are some kind of vip just because u did some quests or played x streamer that doesnt make you vip.

If there’s no transfer, ppl would still quit from guilds that are always losing. The guild will disband and some players will stop playing or go to stronger guilds, either it’s in one server between factions/guilds or it’s in multiple servers… player transfer was allowed after the game started going down…

please read carefully,those people who would transfer to legacy wouldnt break the balance which legacy have.
AGS doing the right thing to not allowing fresh to fresh server but fresh to legacy.

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You got to be kidding me who tf is running this studio? Based on what are you making these decisions? Do you even run this stuff by the ppl that are playing your game? You saw what happen at the start with this and how bad it went after a great start coz you did not take the basics of what players need and what is around in every other big MMO and added it into your game and you make the same mistake, I have a simple way for you guys look how ESO and every other giant MMO that been around for years and still going look what they did and copy some of it there is a reason they staying this long and you are not. But give this another 1 or 2 months and it will die like the first just coz the team running this is so arrogant to try other stuff that worked on other games and keep trying to reinvent the wheel when all you need to do is get the wheel and make it better.

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I’m a legacy player all the way, and even I know this was the plan for FSS worlds since the beginning. It’s on you for not knowing this beforehand. And besides, that’s the whole point of FSS worlds, people being able to transfer in and out will just especially this early on will make the whole thing meaningless. How can people not understand this very simple thing.

And I’m so tired of people comparing NW with other MMOs. If you like those MMOs so much, then why the fuck are you still playing NW then? NW is not the same as those other “big MMOs” and will never be. So stop with your whining.


good news for us legacy players tbh lmao

lets pray that some legacy servers manage to stay high populated so that it will attract other players from fresh server :ok_hand:

afterall everyone wants to play on a 2500/2500 server…

You guys are more stupid then 343 Industries choosing to cancel CO-OP Campaign on Halo!? Like what? I have to sit here and choose between this 1000 man group with 5 sub companies on our fresh start server (Medea) or go to a server full of sweats when transfers release? You’re actually idiotic and this is a shitty choice. Allow us to go from fresh to fresh!!!

no is a no why u flaming luxendra,be kind when you’re talking to woman.

No transfers, but are there plans to have mergers shortly after the RtA event is over, or will AGS simply let servers die, that already have a peak of 200 players?

Seems mergers between Fresh Start servers would make sense, as the rush to play is over, and majority of the influencers that were contracted for the event are back WoW for Dragonflight, and if they weren’t a WoW player, playing it for views.

Even a merge of the RtA servers to the lowest pop Fresh Servers in their regions would be an immense improvement, as it took so long for additional keys to come out. RtA servers suffered focusing on challenges with increased difficulty for low pops, and players interested in coming back got tired for waiting, separating friend groups.

This doesn’t line up with your previous post.

Perhaps you meant “Not at this time” instead of just “not”?

Hopefully, AGS realizes that transfers and merges are essential in keeping the game alive. Further delay with adding this feature into FSWs will be extremely detrimental to long-term health.