ETA on Tradepost?

So like most people on the EU servers lost all of my sales and will need to see when my items are sent back to my inventory or back to Trade post no promise i will be able to sell those items again when they are returned etc

all my tier 1 gems which were fused to tier 2 and tier 2 that were fused to tier 3 and tier 3 which were fused to tier 4 and tier 5 etc all my nutmeg and hysop i farmed and my fibres and leathers all gone… massive well done to AGS for this epic fuck up, 14th mistake in 9 weeks ? your coding skills / patches have resulted in innocent players being directly / indirectly impacted to a large degree

if this is a representation of your other 4 failed game launches I can see why this is happening

but back to on topic when are we getting the trade post up running no offence but NW without the trade post is kinda pointless

as good as Dev Lane’s Boring post was it did not mention key point of when are we getting a full working game ? until your next patch screws up again

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Dude, grow the fuck up, this was a massive issue and completely makes your issue insignificant.

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