ETA on Trading house?

as long as we dont get a clear verification of the dupers acutally banned and items actually deleted we are dooomed its already done to a limit whoever sold what they duped or bought what they wanted those are done like . last time when server transfers happened they said every1 who duped was gonna get banned which i havent heard 1 ppl get banned from any1 . i dont believe unless they actually show data on what was done . it is a big clusterffest i dont know how this is gonna be resolved yesterday night 1 idiot kid was saying i cant wait to sell my 700 void ores and i actually reported him but i wonder if any action is gonna be taken .

It`s morning

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They said ‘We will have another update in the morning Pacific Time’ It’s currently 03:39 AM Pacific.

“We will have updated information for you in the morning, so stay tuned!”

This message have no timezone

Just sayin’ its official CM response ^^

This was where I got that from

Just wondering why the devs are not just hotfixing the issue with a normal server shutdown/restart. Couple of hours of downtime at night are way better than a non-functional game mechanic for days.

The usual way to fix such issues with products that are always online is done in 2 ways: a planned patch with announcement and fixed timeframe OR an unplanned but critical hotfix, that one does not need an announcement and can be done anytime. Nobody who is sane will just turn off features for days before actually patching it.


Yeah seems like AGS have no idea what they doin. Same with hotfix patches without any testing, seems like ppl responsible for this patches dont really know their own codebase and depedencies

Sounds like through the night? Um, based on what?

I didn’t realize how much I used the trading post till it was gone. I lost the desire to log in


Permaban everyone who used this exploit. Even then, I still might be done with this game.

Taking $40 from around 900k people. It’s called ethics and standards.

Maybe this is just a lack of experience and lack of a good QA department. I work in IT myself, even tho not a developer - i do support and communicate with clients daily.
With critical issues we always alarm developers and they are usually fixed within minutes and we have a 24/7 environment that is pretty sensitive to outages of any kind.
We even have a system that automatically calls developers on their phone with an alarm if something critical is down.

While we are smaller and still fight bugs daily, the disruption of core components of the service is not tolerated and rollbacks, hotfixes etc. are very common. The customer deserves a functioning product, if a new release is not functioning - it will be fixed or rolled back if a fix is not in sight. The timeframe here is minutes, sometimes hours - we can’t afford to turn this into days. Even during weekend/nighttime.

Even worse, if you are in the town when it expires, it comes to inventory, so if shed is full, and you get a bunch to inventory and can’t move. Guess what - you start tossing it on the ground.

They should have froze the AH, so no items expired. That saved our fees, over flooding sheds etc.

you are always “working hard”

They didn’t take it, you gave it.


Im also a dev, and don’t you think AGS as a child of Amazon should already got good practices, gitflow, deploy processes etc? Cuz I think they should, even if they don’t for sure they have resources to do this. For some reason they don’t

Take the quickfix as example. Thjey disabled all monetary transactions ALL of them cuz that was the easiest, not really player friendly. And I wonder if they knew what they doin or they wasn’t really aware that disabling all coin transfer will lock ppl out property tax, companies tax etc. For me it looks like some intern said “I got an idea, lets do this” without even knowing codebase of the game or how players react. For example I think 90% of the playerbase use Trading house on everyday to get rid of extra mats, to server as additional storage etc. This was super player unfriendly


A patch again? Now I’m really scared. Will it break the little things that still work and add more dupes?

Well they are related to Amazon but that does not mean that they have the same skills and knowledge that people running AWS for example. With AWS such behavior would ruin them as big companies using AWS would not tolerate outages or disruption to the service for such long periods of time.
But yeah they can learn about it since the parent company has all the resources in house essentially to provide what ever is needed in this case to improve the flow and uptime of the game and deliver well tested products.

And disabling all transactions instead of specific ones that affect the gold duping indicates that they have not found the issue - otherwise you would not block an entire function, when only minor parts of it can be exploited. Same indication i get from not hotfixing the issue and let it sit overnight.

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