ETA on Trading house?

No offense, but how old are you? This is really not a big deal - the bad press is from the gold dupe not the trading post being down. This isnt an “ethics violation”. It’s their game and they can update and change what they want. There’s tons of things you can do while the trading post is down (including not play until its fixed)


The gold dupe really isn’t the issue at all compared to how AGS is handling this.

They fixed a dupe today and literally created a new one with their fix. You can’t take this company seriously when they clearly don’t care about their product or their customers. They allow game breaking PvP bugs to be in place for days/weeks without fixes.

It’s shameful at this point. And people blaming players is effectively victim blaming.

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old enough to be put into “old fart” status.

the gold dupe in no way has negatively affected the game. Zero. Yea, get rid of it. Super easy. Ground up. Not top down. Top down, you destroy the game.

Top down doesn’t work.

Realistically - what happened behind the scenes is the devs asked for a large delay, management said no push it out, and we have this. It is funny how buggy the game is but it’s probably not the developers fault but rather management rushing to get this released.


Every item in this game costs 1 cent. Houses are 50% off. Name one person affected by the gold dupe plz.

But u shut down the trade house, I can name u 2 million ppl.

If that doesn’t tell you why it’s unethical to shut down a tradehouse in ANY mmo, and why no mmo ever does it, nothing ever will.

Hey everyone,

Our team is working to address the issues with trading as soon as possible.

I posted an update here:

We will have updated information for you in the morning, so stay tuned!


We appreciate the Devs are working hard, sounds like maybe even thru the night to get things fixed. Just please make sure to test the fix.


Yikes, that means at least another day of no market. RIP New World.


One day of taking a break wont kill you.


I really hope you ban the main’s that did the dupes and not just the throwaway accounts they used to do the actual duping. Edit: And you realize it’s not just a gold dupe it’s an item dupe…


this is not the first time a ah has been shut done in a mmo, just saying.


They will just spool up a fresh free account and keep doing it.

I appreciate the quick response Dev, but I still don’t understand why the trade house, unless something is being specifically duplicated there, should become a victim to the exploits of the few, and therefore have us all be victimized as a result.


Please dont lose sight of the people who stil lcant transfer servers. I really dont want to have to wait another week.



A day or two without trading taxes would actually help the deflation. Tho the gold duping must not have been too wide spread since everythings still worth .01 gold.


Gaming ethics?!? That can’t even be a real thing. It’s their game they can do whatever. I don’t remember reading a promise they wouldn’t shut down the trading post. Maybe I didn’t read the fine print.

You do realize it’s ALL wealth transfer anywhere so this also hits the gold sellers and duper’s. They can’t sell any coin and the duper’s can’t dupe any more or disrupt the economy with duped coin while they figure out how to fix it.

The trading post is a big part of my game play too, but everything I do on there is diminished if others can just create coin out of thin air.

I hope they get it fixed and it’s not down too long.

Gaming ethics…. thanks for the chuckle!


“I’m some random dude. Contact me now Amazon!”
While I may or may not agree with your theory, this is incredibly arrogant. Super funny though.


The only thing that matters to me is that all the people who exploited this is actually banned. Mmorpg progress is different from other games. Progress is “relative”. What you have accomplished in game has no meaning unless there is another player to compare it to. These cheaters have just effectively taken hundreds of hours that the rest of us have invested and overturned all of it in an hour. What they’ve put out into the marketplace can’t be helped, but we need they themselves to be gone and all their progress wasted. Otherwise, what’s the point of fixing it? Leave the bug in game and teach us how to do it so the rest of us can just fly through endgame and fight with and against each other on equal footing.


Agreed, Id rather them work on the bugs than talk to some rando with grand ideas of gaming ethics.


Duping has been out since launch. You are only just now aware of it it seems. It hasn’t bothered you up until now, why punish all of us?