ETA on Trading house?

I just been playing apex since they shut down the trading post and it’s still down? wtf

The security is also done on the server and that can include a handshake with the client. Encoded of course. Of course it does not write to the database directly, but without the database - no transactions possible. So unless the client somehow can execute code on the server to duplicate items/gold - i have no idea how duping would work at all with that game.

It’s getting a little bit awkward.
Speak to your customers. At this rate people find more ways to dupe than we get any response from you 3to1. :confused:
Are you already planning to shut down other systems? Anything? Hello?

Sooooooo with the AH still down are you gonna pause my houses rent being due since I can’t trade to make money?

I think it has less to do with it being taken down and more with the importance of keeping their word on updating whats going on, and following that timeline. As arbitrary asz that seems when you tell the community you are going to do something, ESPECIALLY with a game that’s been struggling with bugs, It’s probably a good idea to be sure and follow through.

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they responded…albeit it with just a “we are still working on it”

TrevzorFTWCommunity Manager


Hey everyone!

We appreciate your patience while we work through these issues. Our team is currently zeroing in on a fix for the exploits that necessitated the turning off of all wealth transfer in New World. We are planning to deploy the change as soon as we complete our testing.

Please stay tuned for additional information when we have it!

Woooow so maybe next week thanks ags your so great!!! It’s okay to disable a major central part of the game for days while communicating like your in a deep coma no problem haha just take my money and use me pls

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“testing” … :neutral_face:

Weird. Isn’t it us who usually do the testing?


The bigger problem right now is that without trading and limited storage space it messes up people crafting. Without having the ability to sell crafted items or buy items for crafting, it really slows the game down for those at max level and now want to focus on professions.


I’ve worked through the bugs and tried to enjoy the game, but trading and trading posts disabled has finally done me in. I’m watching to see when it is fixed, but their update is rather lacking critical detail.


Lmao calm down cowboy, nobody claimed to have found anything. Just sharing that there are other ways to do it, just trying to show how incompetent they are, they disable trading post but keep taxes for territory, crafting, repairing, so according to these new dupes they’ll be disabling crafting stations and storages next :slight_smile:

RIP New World! It was a nice run lol

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so, you want them to post to tell us that there is still a problem and to be patient and get roasted by the community or they can focus on the issue and fix it then tell us that its done. Game design is super complex and i understand that sometimes they have to make decisions that are unpopular in the interest of fixing bugs and exploits


They set their own timeline for communication, so holding them to their word isn’t wrong…having said that they did post at the last possible second to keep their word, even if it was just to say “nothing new, stay tuned” so there is nothing to do but wait.

Yea, I think they were hoping to have actual news but testing a game like NW takes time just for compilation and as such, they haven’t gotten far enough to make a statement on it yet.

Crossed my fingers on a few hours tops. I also hope we get refunds for taxes or the next period extended, or just some sort of rollback for people who had/has to pay house taxes and company taxes. It’s not really fair in a lot of aspects to pay taxes but not be able to generate enough income to make it sustainable. even if the period isn’t long enough to bankrupt a large amount of the playerbase.


they should gift us something … for all the trouble we went throw

i dont care is it amazon or exploiters but gift me some gold :smiley:

heck even some skin or title … we players basically did their work for free and we took whole wall just to be heard …


Dude you’re off you’re rocker. You’re no one and literally pulling shit out of your ass. You post something about an industry organization which has zero authority over anything as some kind of evidence of an “ethics” violation. Honestly if i were amazon I’d just ban you and get rid of your trouble making ass.

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The better answer is that there was nothing to fix, because even if there was, those are things mmo’s haven’t fixed for years, that new world is not going to suddenly poof we fixed it, with an attitude of essentially shutting down the engine that keeps the game flowing. That’s basically like fixing a car by blowing it up. It won’t make sense now, nor 300 posts later. It looks like Amazon themselves will have to send their own expert to call bullshi* on this and get the TH back up, cuz it’s not like I work for these guys, even though I’m telling them everything tried and tested in mmo history to get them to open their eyes.

It’s okay, you can’t pay for your houses even if you have the money.