ETA on Trading house?


‘It’s always something.’

  • Captain Smith

They’ve already updated and linked to the update in the pinned message and additional updates since…

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“do to this” Hmm, not, “due to this?” We’re going to go with, “do to this,” it seems. It’s good to see that even the community management team doesn’t have others check their work before releasing something. 10/10 facepalm

they are humans too and yes humans make mistakes


What I find fascinating is the argument that gold dups ‘didn’t hurt anyone’ (despite causing runaway in-game inflation) but >oh look< let’s crucify Amazon for the forensic suspension of trade. Games are games because they have rules. Break the rules you break the game. We all paid for the game, and those breaking the rules are trashing our game. Ergo exploits do harm to those who paid money for the game.

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Don’t blame the community manager for that. He is only doing and reporting what he is told he can. however they should be keeping us more updated. That is the least hey can do. People like to know whats going on and more understanding when they are informed.

why are you white knighting? most people here are only asking for timely updates. even a i dont know yet is nice.

lol, i think more likely they dumped the cheapest ingredients on the road, but those probably needed to go up in price anyway (were like a penny each, lol)

I started a new character yesterday, I wanted to play a different toon.
In the starting area, there were at least 5 other new players too, so I thought until I saw their names… Something like t4H3d or Ytmak7… stupid nonsense names.

I realized that these were NOT other players, but bots of some kind… maybe even gold bots… They were just standing there in the same place. As I did my beginning quests I watched them. Every now and then they would jump in place, then they would just stand there doing nothing… I killed many pigs around them and could see that no one was playing them.

I really hope that they can fix this… it’s just terrible.

literally letting people know that they were still within the timeframe lol get mad over idc haha

should have reported them all for botting and been on your way thats why they last so long is people are like “oh somone else already reported them” or “I’m tired of reporting them” the more people that report them the faster they will be banned

What the fuck are you smoking ? You seem to be shitting stats out like 70% this and that, yet it all seems like youre just salty as fuck that you dont have an auction house any more ? Why is that exactly ? I’d wager its 99% proven to be due to your abuse of facts and exploits that you seem to know more about than the game.

I tried to report, but for some reason, it didn’t work…

I know I just wanted to buy some much-needed gear… :unamused:

odd I have never had a report not work

This is not a bot issue. this is gold duping, creating millions of gold out of nothing. i am sure they duped a lot of items as well. I am not mad, just reading the thread and i saw you every post defending the developers. I never saw any attacks then again, I only started to read after my post.

I have a suspicion that those ‘new’ players I saw yesterday were just new accounts, (not bots) so that they could sell gold… That is my opinion.

Ethics Violation? I wont even say the bad joke get me banned.

if you re read what i replied to it is a bot issues they were talking about bots lol