ETA on trading post

Comon guys. Tell us at least is it going to be today or tomorrow. It’s the least you can do. We have info if you are even working on this due to Thursdays giving.


hope soon bro

Soon ™


From 5 minutes to 5 days.
Thank you for your patient.


Not today and most likely not this weekend. Every time they patch this game it breaks more not less. But they are not communicating anything at all and won’t be. The relationship with the devs has become toxic and they don’t like us anymore.

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My guess is either tomorrow or (more likely due to holiday in US) early next week.

I mean, we are all used to the TH not working, right?

It won’t be before Monday. The radio silence is kinda telling. They gone home for the weekend.

Probably not this year.

Without the AH i dont even bother playing. I need these sweet Orichalcum Cardridges

I can’t believe that. I mean I have no reason to think otherwise but it’s most likely not entirely true. If they did go home for the weekend with the game in this state then that seems like they are taking their vacation days before telling us they are shutting it down.

So what happened? TP down?

TP EU down, because of rollback