Etched Handguard, does it exist?

Anyone saw or drop this item?


still looking for this :frowning: been grinding Reekwater for the last 6 days still nothing

Still nothing Here ! it’s the last piece needed to craft my rapiere !

Been farming the “less regular” zones for days now without any luck.

Wish a dev could jump in and confirm/deny they are not ingame/able to drop right now.

The legendary recipe for weapons are dropping. Broken musket, hatchet, withered borough, etc.
The specific legendary crafting pieces (enchanted bow string, embossed handwrapping, etched handguard) are currently not dropping anywhere.

AGS hasn’t provided a reason or when they’re going to release them. I assume they don’t want us to craft our 600 gs weapons, yet.

Without providing us information i would find that quite silly.
You can (with luck) craft even beter legendarys rn.

Pretty sure this doesnt exist in the game, been farming reekwater for a week now and nothing.

Is there a way to know for sure if it’s available and if not, when it is going to be available?

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I also would like to know. Enchanted Bow String is in the same boat and I can’t seem to get a response from any of the devs on if this is a known issue or not.

I found it on my first go :rofl:

This dropped for me today from the last Brute type boss in mines

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