EU back up....still only hit 125k players

Im curious what sort of numbers people need to see in order to get it through their heads that this “game” is dead.

I think New World will always be around like 150 - 200k players for now, it might past that if they start fixing stuff but idk it’s not a bad player base to have tbh.

There’s lots of MMOs with way less numbers like in the 50k range so even at a 100k population which is lower than what we have now, it’s still decent for a new MMO.


no trading post tho. can’t do anything with a bag full


Those are sub based games…so they continue to generate profit. New world is not, without profit this game will be pulled.

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It will close with that numbers.
This is free to play game so they need a lot more players because only a small percentage will buy something from shop anyway.

Besides, that’s not some game made by indy studio. In eyes of Amazon even if there will be 500k daily it will be failure. They aim much higher.

Nope some people are still buying the game since its still new and is on top of the charts but that will soon end. My server was never low pop and had large queues after every wave of transfers. But for the last two weeks at times it has under 200 players online.

While this is true, im not sure this is what amazon pictured for their game, oh well, not much to do about it.

Why does this matter? If you enjoy the game, carry on playing, if not, then stop…

Or are you a sheep that needs to follow the masses, and cannot think for yourself?

I went to a The Beatles concert last week at Shea Stadium, 55,600 people. It was dead…

I’m still waiting for someone to explain why the fuck it matters.

it only matters if you are interested in playing this game longer than a few more months.

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And broken gear the price you get to salvage purple gear wont even fix grey earings

Have you forgotten that it is a business days and people go to work? Go check the numbers on Sunday and when all the major issues are fixed.

ehh Its a holiday here in the states so there is that. I am only here checking forums for a few minutes before my family show up. Not sure what you are going on about though. You should take a break from the game for a bit. Enjoy your day, see your family, have some coffee or something. It is a game, if it dies then it dies. Until that day I’ll just keep playing it. Be safe, and don’t worry about stuff you can’t control.

You don’t need a trading post when you can salvage the vendor fodder for 3g a pop. I made nearly 600g yesterday just from salvage alone. Sure, it was because I was working on Watermark but still.

Folks start reading when you do stuff in the game. Contrary to what a lot of folks think there are a lot of things going on in the game if you are paying attention. Have a great day, and I hope this information helps you.

Dang, that’s only tripple of wow… game must be dead, right?


lolwut? your answer makes absolutely no sense. should I then just salvage my 5k iron ore, 1k starmetal ore, 4k rawhide and 1k wyrwood? … oh…right you can’t.
do you realize that a full inventory does not mean that I have 200 weapons lying in there. weapons/armors is less than 10% of my stuff

You aren’t very good at common sense, are you?

But seriously I made 7k last night selling raw materials on the market sooooo not sure what you are on about.