EU Barri, now less playable then at first launch of NW due to queues

Yes, I know about the warning that was posted, but its not we that decided to merge too many servers. Now the game is less playable then at launch, far worse queues.

11pm last night it was about 2400 in queue. Now at 630pm it was 1500 in queue. In other words normal people are not able to play the game. Only people able to play now is people logging in early, and do not log off. Any normal players can just forget about this game on the high pop servers as of now.

This is NOT ok, not even remotely ok. It has been badly handled.


I know the feeling, just logged in after work and the queue is 1600+. This is insane. It means I don’t get chance to play for the same reasons you said above. Added to this, the occasional game crashed while in a queue puts you off PLUS you have to be logged into your player to be able to do a free world transfer. Why, oh why did they not allow you to do that from the lobby screen!

I am getting sick of these queues, the amount of returning players that did nothing but complain previously who stay online using AFK systems to fool the game and the fact that bots and other players are now farming even quest areas dry which has a negative impact on me (and other players that stuck this game out from the start).


Yep, and that is why many people will left the Game again and will play other games.
Every evening, if we want to play we need to log on 3 Hours before we play.
And that’s not much fun in the long run, it will only be a matter of time until we don’t want to play anymore and go play something else.

2500 cap is just a joke
Even with the 2500 players online, the world feels empty, especially with the addition of the new zone.
Add channels etc and make it playable with much higher player counts. What you have right now is just broken. It is a lose-lose situation.

How would wars work for those extra players that will be allowed ? Right now 600 players more or less are able to enjoy the wars. 600 out of 2500.

Add another “mode” for the outpost rush. A war for just fun that people can queue.

If server cap is at 2500 and Barri lags a lot and feels empty, queue lines with more than 1.8k players , it means that even with character creation blocked and income transfers blocked, Barri must have around 10k active players or more. This is not okay . Queue times are not fun.
At this moment, there are 4 EU servers with less than 800 players.
Maybe offer more than a free server transfer so players fell rewarded and motivaded to change to a less crowded server. Skins set, emotes are just some ideas.

I was in a que 1350 and a que error occurred, i start again in 1750… I’m changing servers from barri to the unknown

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