EU Central : Application of willingness to play on fresh servers

I have not seen such a topic in it seems to be important for the developer to see how many people are going to play on fresh servers (especially since I read that they only intend to add one server per region …). In view of the above, I thought that anyone interested in playing on new servers should add β€œ+” in this post to illustrate the number of people interested (perhaps we will be able to avoid several thousand queues). Regards !:slight_smile:

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Man only a tiny fraction of players visits these forums :slight_smile:

But anyway

my estimation is that the number of players on FSS will be 50k+. This thread can get buried in the discussions and get like 10, or maybe it can get a few thousand. Anyways I don’t see how that information can be useful to the devs, just too much randomness involved

Can add just a + as a post>

I didn’t really think that not every player is entering the forum. However, information on the number of people who want to play on fresh servers may contribute to the opening of several servers at once, not just one (as they plan)

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