EU Central fresh servers need merge now!

The EU Central fresh start servers need a merge now!

The server population for my server (Nyx) peaked like many other FS servers in EU Central at ~700. At this point the game feels horrible to play and I fear that the players will leave NOW if you don’t schedule a server merge right away. OPR does not happen before 18:00. Lazarus during daytime has 30 min wait times to get a group together. Barnacles does not happen AT ALL if you don’t have premades (no M10 clear the whole day). Lower-level mutations don’t fill. 3v3 has 20 minute wait times. Crassus event was painfully slow.

You now spend 80% of your time waiting to find players for activities. And there is so little to do when you don’t find people for anything other than the most meta activities (Brimstone chestruns and Lazarus M10s).

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NA East servers need them to they should merge Seer Lilith and Amarah into one server…

Its so nice that for 1.5 years ags didnt learn that u have to merge server moment they drop peak to 1k. Couse from there is death spiral. OPRs, Arenas, Mutations - stop working one after another.

You’re screaming into the dark, no one hears your voice, my friend

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Need to merge EU NOW. Crassus max 400players, it was hard to play properly even at 1000max players now it’s impossible, unless all you do is hoard resources. No OPR, no ARENA, hours waiting for dungeon group. Game is just broken beyond reason when there is not enough players in server. And all the videos with new content just makes no sense if we can’t even use stuff we have available now.

agree, EU fresh start servers are dieing because you can’t do expeditions nor pvp

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bump. Still nothing announced.

I don’t even think the current numbers are real. no dungeon no opr no 3v3 no competition. 2 companies left and these also exit the game after the wars and it shows there are 600 online :smiley: do like me and delete the game until the merge comes. They won’t merge unless the actual numbers fall below 100.

I stopped playing too, when ever I have my game on it doesn’t even feel like playing waiting in opr queue over for hours on Saturday… Just a waste of time playing it like this and huge frustration. When you play 10 hours on Saturday, but actually get to do something like 2 hours maybe from all that time rest you just stand around waiting for people…

When population does drop to like 1k peak things do take longer to start: opr, arena, mutations.

When it does reach like 500-600 peak players: opr happens only evenning and not every day and so on.

Starting 1k peak population things get worse very fast.

daily reminder we need merges.

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still needed.