[EU Central - Niflheim][Syndicate] TAW is recruiting

Do you want to be in a gaming clan with over 1100 members and supports over 25 online multiplayer games? Then TAW is precisely what you are looking to join.
We are The Art of Warfare [TAW], and we just recently picked up New World in our ranks as a supported game and are excited to create a stable, fun and active unit out of it.
For New World, we are focused on doing PVE and PVP while being in the syndicate faction.

We try to uphold an environment that is welcoming, non-toxic, helpful, supportive, laid-back and fun! We want company members to feel comfortable with being who they are whilst among us.

What are we looking for in our members?

  • Simple anyone who wants to play with a great bunch of guys and gals

  • Anyone willing to help build a unit in a large clan

  • People who can be respectful with each other and can help each other grow

If you have questions, feel free to comment or message me.
come and sign up on our website @TAW or on our discord
See you there!!

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Interested in joining us? feel free to take a look at our website or discord.

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We are slowly growing, wanna be part of this tight bunch? join us!

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Join us now on the grind :)!

We are looking for active players who are wanting to help build the company still :smiley:

We are still looking for active players to join our regular runs :)!

need some quests done or help crafting? make sure to check us out

Looking for more people to join our PvP/PvE runs!

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