[EU Central] World Sets, Worlds and language barrier


Since its launch last Sept 28th, New World has gathered and saw leaving a lot of players around the globe.
I cannot speak for the US side and SEA side but in EU right now we have our usual issue of the Languages Barrier. (in Europe alone we have 23 different spoken languages)

Sadly, and like always, people from outside Europe are forced to play in dedicated servers with specific language like DE, FR, ES and IT while the rest is EN. Which it makes hard in Chat to understand those no EU, because I understand not everybody can learn and speak English!

Amazon Game Studios should add Russian, Turkish (and/or other needed languages) Server to ease their server choice and help them build a more healthy community!

I don’t remember if in the ToS there is something written specifying if it’s against the rules to actively speaking another language than it is not the one that the server indicates.

Hoping this will be read and thoughts about it!
I don’t want to just mute half of the chat because, unfortunately, they cannot speak the common language :frowning:

I see this on the euro server I play on (I’m from the US and play with friends there) and I’m fine with whatever language people use. I’ve played games where english wasn’t spoken and I didn’t speak the language and trying to speak and getting hate back is a bit hard. For many it seems to be a control issue. They want to read everything posted and it infuriates them if someone speaks in their language. One actually said, it’s a euro server so use english! For me, any is fine. I don’t have to know what everyone is saying and I can always mute global.

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