EU Fresh start - Company recruitment (ENG)

Fresh Start - EU - We want you!

x Region: EU
x Server: Apophis 19:00 CET
x Name: To Be Decided
x Faction: Covenant
x Focus: Everything
x Semi Hardcore
x English speaking and 18+

We are currently recruiting anyone casual or hardcore. We are not looking to zerg just have a friendly chill community but at the same time have an impact on the map. Most players are coming from different old company’s. We wont force anyone do give gold for a town or join us every time we do PvP influence runs, play what you want and how you want. We have plans to take a city however and if you want to help with gold it would be helpful but no requirement. This is definitely the company to join if you are looking to chill or go hardcore and want to be apart of something not just be a guy in the 5th company 1/500+ something. If you want to join direct message: TRYTuS#2853

We also have some groups that will try their best to lvl 60 and increase expertise as fast as possible. if you want to be apart of that you can also Dm: TRYTuS#2853
What we offer:
x Day 1 company
x Community mostly returning players but also new.
x Competitive
x Knowledge
x Some hardcore players for PvP and PvE
x Crafters but also looking for more