EU / JACQUET Server [ Changes needed ]

I think we are probably in the same position as many servers right now, but regardless of upcoming merges I think there are some key points that need to be addressed.

  • Faction / Companies leaving the server
  • Monetary corruption
  • Facility levels

When large Companies leave the server there needs to be some balancing. Even if this means a monthly wipe of territories so that more smaller companies can attempt to take and hold a territory. We are now left with Syndicate and Marauders as the other main faction players have all left, 3 people tried to defend their last settlement from marauders, even some Syndicate players tried to assist. Now the Syndicate controlling faction has gone AFK all the facilities are just slowly downgrading with no Town Board missions or projects.

As players whether involved in territory wars or paying solo, how are you supposed to progress when there isn’t even one Tier 5 facility on the map?

IF there was a random territory wipe of one or two territories that were then maxed - it would give players somewhere to go to further their skills and production and it would give the PVP players something to fight over. Even if there was a settlement in the Northern territories that had at least 1 of each facility at Tier 5 it would help… this server is utterly useless at the moment.

After hearing so many stories of Company leaders cashing in on the Treasury and leaving this needs to be addressed - taxes for the most part are extortionate - IF WE HAVE TAX WHERE’S THE REBATE?? - If you have paid an excessive amount of tax you should be compensated for that and the ability to rob people needs to be stopped.

This server is not only dying, it’s becoming unplayable for anybody that needs to move into the higher level crafting, excessive taxes, no upgrades, empty town boards… for christ sake do something, even a short term adjustment so we can continue to enjoy what is for the most part an amazing game.

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