[EU] Looking for people to form a progression speedrun group

Hello New World players,

I’m currently looking for players that want to hit max performance and hit record times in dungeons mutations for the upcoming leaderboards in fall. Due to the 2.000 server cap, it is really hard to find like minded people, so I’m reaching out to the forums, which means I would even transfer to another EU server (NA ain’t possible for me because of different timezones).

I want to build a set dungeon group for speedruns and my goal is to hit top scores in time and points and prepare everything for the upcoming content. Which means maximising DPS for clear speed and killing bosses as fast a possible. This requires DPS and Healer to run Light Armor and 5 CON builds, Tank players to run 150 / 200 CON and the rest goes into DPS stats. It is high risk high reward but def. doable. I’ve watched videos where people do this super succesfully and hit 11min in Genesis. I’m currently playing healer with LS / VG and can provide a ton of off-DPS with my build. I’m currently running 200 INT, 310 FOC, 5 CON with full ward gear 3/3 and bane weapons with a DPS VG. In dungeons you don’t need to heal fulltime and a healer can also provide a lot of DPS and help killing mobs and bosses super fast. Same goes for the Tank that you don’t need to hold your shield up 24/7.

I’m into theorycrafting for years and did this also for other games with tons of formulas, docs sheets etc… Since I’m not playing my other MMO anymore, I brought my work over to New World to find the best builds for every weapon in PvE to maximise your output in DPS / Healing (Didn’t do it for PvP because the meta shifts very often). I also was into progression raiding for almost a decade with multiple World and Server first titles. Just to let you know where I’m coming from. I’ve also opened up a Discord where I listed all the builds for every enemy type to give people guidelines of what they have to go for.

So to reach my goal I’m looking for like minded people to form a group that want to squeeze out every little number to max. out outputs and hit record times in dungeon mutations and go for the upcoming leaderboards. It does’t matter what faction or company you belong. I’m currently playing on Barri and have no problem of transferring to another server if needed. If you are looking for the same, let me know

Cheers, Smartsen

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