[EU] Merge FAE server - GJ AGS, ACTUALLY NOT

I doubt they do that intentionaly, its just poor managment and director.

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I play this game since beta, I’m really not expecting anything. It’s just fun to make documentation about players stats.

Nothing better to do while waiting 2h for some ward bane players to join m10 mutation :slight_smile: :troll: :tada:

im waiting for a youtuber to critic the fresh servers and rant on how depressing the situation on legacy server is…

especially if ur being manipulated to restart on fresh servers every day when login to the game.

fresh servers have a positive but also a negative side…

There will be players returning to their mains over the next few weeks now that the intrigue of the fresh start servers is beginning to wear off. Too early for mergers.

Hey all, we are keeping a close eye on legacy worlds, but it’s not time to merge yet due to potential for some players to return to their former home worlds, as some folks in this thread have already commented.

That being said, it’s an active discussion and we have the capability to merge quickly these days, so you won’t be lonely long.


Krocylea is peaking around 80-90 daily. Not sure this server should have opened. The ones above it are only hitting 300-400. Surely these ones at the bottom need a little love?

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Those ones at the bottom are at the top of our list.


awesome to hear!

Merge now for Apsu, it took a long time for the merge.

I think something will fix server issues forever: cross server activities. If you can add this in 3 months would be incredibly good for the game

They said in the last dev video that they were actively working on this. (Specifically, cross server OPR, but stated it will come to other instanced modes when it’s finished)

Hope it comes soon before people leave the game again. The event would be waste

Saturday 14:17 CEST, on my server it is not even worth to run game atm (as pve M10 player) anymore 600 players - 100 bots ~= 500 players, maybe 20 for M10 pug and probably 0-5 (not counting shard sellers groups) with experience.

Dungeons cross-server is probably equally required as for OPR. Remove stupid mutations limit so we can play with noobs and make dungeons cross-server higher on priority list.


Fae needs a merge.

19:22 CEST

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Too slow to react, i see more potential of players leaving lol


or like me waiting for some action, it’s not fun to watch EF/WW for many hours waiting for some players to join q :wink: It’s simply waste of time and energy to login and stay afk.

AGS is watching servers and praying for old players to come back :smiley:

Yeah this idea of “people might comeback” thing is hurting a lot,if they would comeback they can transfer to another server since they did leave legacy for fresh.
Merge needs to be happen at this point,legacy players shouldnt have to wait those players which is playing on fresh.


Players wont return as you say. Fresh is fresh. You don’t return to your old car after buying a new one.

Sure people will log on to legacy to do 10 minutes of crafting. But they will return to the fresh world where the action is.

Meanwhile, legacy is struggling because we have no new player turnaround and less and less content because of it.