[EU] Merge FAE server - GJ AGS, ACTUALLY NOT

Even if they would comeback God knows when,why are the ones staying on legacy getting punished for this? If they did leave for fresh make their account inactive and they can choose a server when they want to play legacy. Legacy players shouldnt be punished because of those players which is playing on fresh atm.
If you think merging is a bad idea atm because they might comeback? give those legacy players free transfer token and they can choose their server. It feels like legacy players are getting all kind of bad behaviour from this,why the fuck we are waiting those people which might not even return.

Sunday, 13:26 CEST

Fae an eu server has 900 pop where as other legacy servers 1600-1700+ this makes players leaving fae to join those servers. This copium “people might return to their old home” isnt the reality.
The reality is people are leaving those 900 or 400 populated servers to join 1600+ servers,even if those people comeback there wont be a healthy server.
You guys have to react quick with merges or people gonna leave those low populated servers.
Fae is already bleeding everyday because no merge happens,people are simply moving to 1600-1700+ servers even if those people comeback it wouldnt even make it 1,2k for fae.

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legacy servers should be renamed to Forgotten Servers or Destroyed Servers what AGS did to us is insult especially that all the big thanks should goes to players who was playing their game during their failure times. i’m unhappy :smiling_face_with_tear:

I’m quite sure in less than a year will happen merges between Fresh and Legacy.

Those very vocal with ‘fresh start’ are already complaining about being hard to lvl, craft, etc.

I’ve played on 3 fresh servers and many ‘returned players’ that created companies got destroyed in wars and some of them quitted game while the rest merged into ‘experienced companies’.
It only passed 2 weeks and there is nearly no difference between Legacy and Fresh servers. I see items for sell with 250k c/o and 600k b/o. So there is no economy difference between Legacy and Fresh servers. Ofc on some servers might still be a low difference but give it 1-2 months and prices will be exactly the same like on Legacy servers.

But yeah, overall its a huge insult and disrespect from Amazon for demonizing and labelling Legacy servers as servers full of cheaters, dupes, hacks, exploits, bots.
Shame on Amazon for allowing it and support via their twitch streamers.

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Update: [Notice] Legacy World Merges for all regions


Hello, Fae is very close to low serv population such as the ones mentionned in the notice. The server is clearly dying and will make people leave again. Can we have an urgent statement if anything is coming from AGS for this serv ?


It makes no sense to merge servers with 400 ish max active pop (Ishkatar) in to servers with 1800 (Abaton) when there are servers with a max pop of 1000 (Fae) not being merged at all.

Surely the better idea would have been to merge a couple of the low pop servers Iskatar and Jotunheim for instance in to Fae to create a new server with nearly 2000 active palyers?

Peak population is not the only metric considered for identifying which worlds require a merge. We will continue to keep an eye on the health of the worlds, and merge when necessary.

Why are you not merging Fae?.. ugh

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The problem is now most of the people are preparing to leave the fae since fae isnt on merge list. I dont know what to say at this point

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For the sake of transparency, can you tell us what metric made it appear, that Abaton for example is preferred as a target over other servers that were mentioned?


Lol expecting new and returning players to be on legacy again ?
Everyone will join fresh start because of the clean state . No dupped world for me.

I even wiped my main to play on fresh start and wont come back on main just to see the chat being spammed with M10 dungeon, chest runs and overpriced trade spamming only . Too much dupped gold/items in the past that arent fixed and backtracked properly - innocent people got banned too.

If they merge legacy with fresh then we all gonna be scammed and lied again… also what is the reason for fresh start if legacy will eventually join them or play against them in cross server support eventually…

i just hope they wont do the same fresh start stuff next year… that would be just really dumb. but i understand they needed to do fresh start for all the changes and dupe incidents in the past year that shattered the economy and territority management etc.

Please, i made a post about it as well, merge fae into dry tree, its the best solution there is


Couse all our point is, we recently transfered to FAE becouse it was a so called “pvp server” and wanting to seek competition, but now after the fresh start mania is ramping though, you cant get an opr starting before dinner time, its very lonely and sad, and people are demotivated to evn log in into a dead server like FAE is… me included.

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We need a response for Fae. You’re merging abaton which has 1600-1700 pop but not merging fae which is 700-800 pop.
This doesnt make any sense and we need a merge for fae urgent.


look at that chart @Luxendra @Kay , how are we supposed to have fun in the game if we cant even do basic stuff tahht requires people to play the game?

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6 days later: MERGE YOU PEASANTS :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Screenshot 2022-11-16 163428
FAE Status right now!


yea, @Kay just responded on my post that fae doesnt need a merge couse the peak population is not the main statistic they consult… such a bad way of dealing with this its CRAZY! They just want us to be miserable and purchase yet another toxic transfer token, but i will more happily just unistall the game for real, even after being a good member of the nw community for 1 year and playing this game since its tumultuos beginning!

They just dont get to live what we do on a dead server, and they legit dont care.

@Luxendra @Kay

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