[EU] Merge FAE server - GJ AGS, ACTUALLY NOT


honestly it doesnt matter what we write in forums it really dont get any action taken unless its game breaking or just really funny.
There are tons of bots in FAE i have recorded loads video below.
there are only halve the players left on the server and a portion of those are bots due to the most stupidest idea ive ever seen in this type of game - fresh start servers.
Even if they merge us in FAE then they will just do something stupid like that again in a few months and the result will be us needing merging again.
This means no one has any attachment to their server so then no one cares about the players in that server and group fall apart and theres tons of toxicness. AGS have it all wrong and ive said it to the devs before even me with only gaming experience could tell you how to fix all the issue but they wont listen. No hope left in them sadly :frowning:

Idk if you have been notified by the CM team or if you read the forums outside of these posts, but this post has made people very upset with AGS and the NW staff in general.

Why would you say something like this and then not post for weeks? Players dont deserve to know the metric? Then dont tell them it exists. Instead you dangle it like it is some cool new content you cant spoil for us.

Like how do the devs not see the URGENCY in getting each server to an active state? And then to post like this?

You arent teasing new content. You are teasing eventual access to existing content that was taken away by fresh start splitting the population. Fix your issue or at least have the decency to troubleshoot when you show up in the topics about it. Posting like this is just straight up rude.

All this could be solved with a free transfer day every month. Especially now with legacy and fresh start servers, and a lot of people coming back to join friends. It would most likely kill some business for AGS but it’s probably quite small amount all things considered.

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Hey everyone! We completely understand a large part of enjoying Aeternum requires having others to join in with you, so we’re actively keeping track of the population of worlds in order to understand the best step forward. We are looking at another round of world merges, with Fae on the list. I don’t have all the details - including timing and other worlds included - quite yet, but we’ll provide more information when it’s available.


Take your time AGS, everyday there is less people playing on the server.
Its been like the 5th day in a row that i am not able to do any mutation or OPR. It sure screams amusement!
You know what I (and probably everyone else) do? I log in, do the daily crafts, do 2 arenas, log the fuck out. Maybe one day i wont log back in just like many others are doing.
Just make sure to take your time, so when you decide the obvious and merge it will be already too late.
OPR btw:


I just wonder whether you also look into a few fresh servers would love to see a confirmation at least. thanks

Wait more pls, its not like you’re losing players every single day. Fae should get merge with first wave. Indie company

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Bunch of clowns really…waited for everyone to pay for transfers before deciding it’s time for a merge :rofl:


You guys really need to speed up your processes of merging servers/allowing transfers.

Its absolutely killing your game.

Nah, what’s killing this game is sweaty PvP companies wanting everything for themselves.

Well… you people have been warned countless times that PvP focused servers inevitably die :joy: thanks for the reminder though that this is and always will be hard truth.

Pvp comanies have nothing to do with my dead server.

19:00 CEST, we are fine, can we hit 0 online? The only good thing is that some bots already left with big companies :slight_smile:


I give up, cant even do 2 arenas for daily gypsum. I’m off for the day.
Atleast i will sleep well knowing that everything is fine with the server and it doesnt need a merge at all

You got problems with reading post man ?

There are very few true PvP companies on all servers. 99% of them either disband or join to company that beat them after losing 1-5 wars.
Then transferring to another server, making company again getting fast cities against not geared or unexperienced company. But when competition arise and they get beaten again they transfer again or join to the ones that beat them.

This is creating big gaps in many servers in long term. 3 days cooldown on transfer is way to short, cooldown should be similar with changing faction cooldown - 30 days.
Honestly I dont know if there are more than 5-10 true PvP companies on all servers in Europe. I’m referring to PvP companies that were dominating, lost wars and came back to dominate again - not companies that stay on PvE/dead servers having half map without any competition.

Mate I havent been able to play all week long… there s 0 pvp activity.

Please hurry up, I want to play!!!

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You could also play the game by raising ur gathering/mining skill lv to 200, to be able to make daylys asmo, runic .etc…
So you can sell it when it merge, and buy some good PvP items to be stronger when u will finalaly be able to PvP ?