[EU] Merge FAE server - GJ AGS, ACTUALLY NOT

You got problems with reading post man ?

There are very few true PvP companies on all servers. 99% of them either disband or join to company that beat them after losing 1-5 wars.
Then transferring to another server, making company again getting fast cities against not geared or unexperienced company. But when competition arise and they get beaten again they transfer again or join to the ones that beat them.

This is creating big gaps in many servers in long term. 3 days cooldown on transfer is way to short, cooldown should be similar with changing faction cooldown - 30 days.
Honestly I dont know if there are more than 5-10 true PvP companies on all servers in Europe. I’m referring to PvP companies that were dominating, lost wars and came back to dominate again - not companies that stay on PvE/dead servers having half map without any competition.

Mate I havent been able to play all week long… there s 0 pvp activity.

Please hurry up, I want to play!!!

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You could also play the game by raising ur gathering/mining skill lv to 200, to be able to make daylys asmo, runic .etc…
So you can sell it when it merge, and buy some good PvP items to be stronger when u will finalaly be able to PvP ?

19:02 CEST, No need to hurry with merges, we are fine.



Imagine being someone who doesn’t have the time to play every day and level up another char on new server. You can’t find people to PvP, Expeditions or elite zones. You could focus on crafting, but wait, towns are degrading and you can’t find T5 crafting stations. Oh well :smiley: lovely.


But FSS was supposed to fix all this

Please merge Fae, its hard to do all, PVP, PVE, cities are degrading, there are no more lv 5 stations… please HELP!


They didn’t say what year though so this could be next summer LOL Hurry the hell up amazing FFS

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Hurry the F up guys get a grip slow fs

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This is insane that players have to ask for fixing servers population in MMO (300 players at saturday EU). Especially that they have merge system done. There is no one at AGS to press f*** button? We watch this server dying for month and you dont give a shit, not a single info about when merges will happen with fae on list. it is clearly not going back to 1k+ anytime soon so why the f*** u extend this agony? If you are waiting for eveyone to buy transfers then f*** you AGS. It is my 3rd dead server, you can’t keep health server population for more then few months. Maybe you read this forum and work remotly from other galaxy and that is why it is so slow.

Dude you really need to relax :smiley: its only game,
They already confirmed that our server is added to the list, now we just have to wait a bit

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ok, everything is fine then - counting from ten to zero.

Lot of people complain about things they don’t like in game and I honestly don’t get that, I really have to say I enjoy this game and that the devs are doing a good job and improving the game. But the server management is horrid … Today I watched video from TheLazyPeon if he’ll be coming back to WoW with the Dragonflight update and he said there that he wanted to play NW, since his prediction of improvement came true but now he’s stuck with his character at a dead server so he doesn’t want to play it. And that is the biggest problem of AGS games. Experienced same scenario at LA.

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POG - 1 December

Merging Fae to Niflheim == dead to dying server == middle finger to Fae & Niflheim players.

F*** you AGS :smiley:

I already know some friends who just stop playing this game, because this merge won’t solve anything. Gj AGS as always.

Tupia & Asgard ~= 1500 peak
Fae & Niflheim ~= 1000 peak

Best analytics award goes to AGS. :congratulations: Who cares how many characters there is in DB, if they are inactive just let them change world if they come back one day.

Well they just watch numbers and don’t play their own game so why should I be suprised ;d This silly merge just reverts Fae to what it used to be month ago.

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Get out of the house and breathe a little, you’re too aggressive for this forum :slight_smile: we have no idea how merging these two servers will affect their quality of life, we will find out in a few days, no reason to worry, merging this two servers is a good decision :slight_smile:

Their plan is to get them players on them servers to pay to move that is what their plan is. They have no respect whatsoever for the community, truth is this game has very little content for me to want to play or even pay again to transfer the DEVs have no clue at all never have never will

LOOOOL the devs have no clue what they are doing they don’t even know server populations and expect everyone to wait their time that’s not how it works people will quit and never come back it happened many times, yet they still think people will wait on their slow asses, this game could be so much more, but it is a shell of what it could be.