[EU] Merge FAE server

Its hard to find decent players for mutations for 2h, just merge low pop servers. Also each server has like 100 ± bots so real online player number is much lower than that. On my server there is like 50 ppl that plays M10 PUG and maybe like 20 well geared with experience, its real pain to play this game now.


Why don’t you transfer to a higher pop server? There are probably people on those lower pop servers that like the low pop server experience and don’t want to be merged.


So are we supposed to spend money and merge every few weeks as servers die?


My situation: servers were locked. We had only 2 free ones to play all together so we payed for transfer 4 weeks ago. Server is now dead and we would be supposed to pay again? No way we giving over 60 euros again


Yes you can spend $15 to transfer. And no you most certainly won’t do it every few weeks. Smh

an introvert defending introverts.
MMOs are played with other players, just saying

I’m one of these guys that love it slower and lower :upside_down_face:


Yet you make no sense.

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With how volatile this game’s popularity is. That can totally happen, it happened to me earlier this year. My server died, so I transferred to another server only for that one to die only a week after I transferred onto it.

I transferred once and that was 3 weeks after launch. Haven’t had to transfer in 52+ weeks. Volatile?

merges do eventually happen as it’s not healthy for game itself to keep servers with 200ish ppl around… there is literally no need to ask for it as company itself has less expenses with less servers. It’s in their own interest to get more ppl on as less servers as possible.

Even then I’d pick lowest populated server :sweat_smile:

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I think AGS is doing it right this time and not rushing to merge right away. The FSS still have the new car smell and the Streamer event is still going on. I think AGS is smart to wait and see how things pan out. I don’t think they want to keep merging, then re-adding, then merging and re-adding etc. I personally feel if after the event is done and those low pop legacy servers are still very low then sure, maybe look into merging one or 2 but not a lot.

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Please don’t merge legacy servers further - LEARN from your past mistakes. The majority of us don’t want queues, we don’t want high pop servers, we’re happy how it is. Thanks.

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Sure, I’m not saying do that mindlessly right now in next 5 minutes, but there is problem and it is getting worse.

I think <1000 players servers will get more and more empty as queues for instanced content gets longer which will lead to ppl quit/take break from game and this will get even worse to the point where only bots and gatherers are left out there.

I’m afraid that manual merges/creating new servers if required are the only way now for this issue, maybe it will be different after they implement cross-server queue (but it’s not near future I guess).


100% agree.
i hate these forced merges.
specially if u have a healthy 800-1200 pop server…
it feels so much better, having a nice community, u almost know all people
build friendships, help in war’s / Invasions
instead of braindead spam opr…^^



18:40~ CEST EU

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Rather than merge they should give free transfer token to legacy players so players can move to server which they want rather than paying the mess which ags caused

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