EU on the way up!

hear me, its happening its on the way up!!!



Op thank you for making a toxic community.


well, its true though. they are on the way up…

some are up

actually some eu server are up

Trust him, his uncle works for Amazon

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At this rate, just leave the update and let us play on 1.01

Lets agree on “non-down” movement.

Its certainly cant go more down.

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agreed xD

“Has been able to get the following servers online.” Sounds like they have had the mother of all f-ups.

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damn, my server aint there, there must be a mistake… im sad now…

I was joking with my friends, but it seems they actually broke the game with a 177mb patch. Unreal.

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unless blizzard and square enix is hacking them wanting thei players back :stuck_out_tongue:

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